Top Internet Marketing Pointers That You Need To Focus On.

Internet marketing key pointers, that you need to focus on

As a passionate internet marketer, and someone who has built many websites and online business, some with success, and some not so successful. It is my goal to bring you high level marketing advice that will help you grow your business.Top Internet marketing Pointers that you need to focus on.

I spend some of my time on forums and facebook groups answering questions, and helping out others with their online businesses. A big thing I have ben noticing from people with online marketing issues and questions,  is that way to many people are focusing on all the wrong things when it comes to running a online business. Below I share with you my top internet marketing pointers that you need to focus on. All other things come later.

It took me a few years to have this AHA moment but once this happened my business, traffic and sales shot thru the roof. I want to share my advice   with you today, so that you don’t have to waist precious time focusing on silly things that will not benefit your business. Below are my Top Internet marketing Pointers that you need to focus on.


Internet marketing, key pointers, that you need to focus on


  1.  build a site
  2.  generate traffic
  3.  capture leads
  4.  turn those leads to customers.


  1. Build A Website –

    you do not necessarily need to build a site yourself, what I mean is you need a product, or site that sells somethings. IE affiliate marketing, most affiliate marketers will use other people’s sales pages and sales funnels to earn revenue, you latterly do not have to build a super Techy site to earn profits.Now you may need to set up something that is known as a domain name, and web hosting services, because when you sign up for affiliate programs, the company gives you a long silly looking url, that you will want to change VIA domain name and web hosting.


  1. Generate Traffic –

    You need traffic, and leads for any business to make money, pretty clear right. So how do we get the traffic, we have a few options. The first would be to work on SEO / google page rankings. The second would be paid adds, the third would be social media Outlets, and the fourth and final would be vlogging VIA Youtube.


  1. Capture Leads –

    Emails and Opt-In forms , you must be collecting those emails, so you can convert them into buying customers, and inform them on new services and products you may be offering. In order to capture leads you need to have two tools, one will be a auto responder, and the other would be what is known as a lead page. Capturing leads is the out most number 1 important thing you need to have in place to grow your business.


  1. Turn Leads Into Customers –

    Make that Money and sell to your lists. There is a really big saying that many internet marketers use, it goes like this. The money is in the lists. Once you have built a great list you will need to market to your list and double down on your profits.


Now that you have the proper information on the Top Internet marketing Pointers that you need to focus on. Its time to look at and high-light some subjects you may be wasting time on.


  • Complaining –

    wasting time on a thing I like to call the poor me syndrome. You know the people who are always looking to complain about a specific situation rather than looking for solutions to the problems they face. If your stuck in this place, then you need to break out, just test and try new things, try to think outside of the box and ask for some advice.


  • If I just had all the Information –

    I am going to be real, you will never have all the information you need to make money online. I see two many people leaving comments in forums saying if I only had that next training clip, or so and so did dent tell me that XYZ was going to happen that’s why im not successful. My friends we need to just do. Now training and learning is good, but you need to apply, and test and re analyze the results.


  • Focusing on Getting business licenses –

    two many people are worried about what they are going to name their LLC and what Business licenses they need, now this is important, but you need to know if A) there is a market for your product first and B)  if you know how to acquire customers. Once you start landing some customers, then we can start focusing on business licenses and LLC names. Now there are sorting industry’s that you will have to have sorting licenses before you can sell, but I will leave that information up to you to figure out. Just don’t spend much time on this, because you will never get content up and make sales.


  • Procrastination –

    Simple – strait forward, just do and create value, stop waiting for the perfect time to get something done, because it does not excesses. Don’t wait, just jump on it and test and analyze  the results.


  • Techy –

    People are consistently trying to blame the technology, and or using technology as a skate goat, some people say things like oh my website is not quite ready for the market yet, or I am not tech savvy and I don’t know how to use the internet. Listen just test and gain that experience, and if you are still stuck, then outsource the tech work you are struggling with. Check out website like Konker, and Fivver you will find a boat load of excellent freelancers ready to help you with whatever you need.

To Conclude this Top Internet marketing Pointers that you need to focus on article , I want to remind you that when it all is said and done, it comes down to action. We need to be taking the appropriate action and focusing on things that I discussed earlier that will help grow your business. Once you have a great understanding on the above principles, then you see huge business growth and have bigger opportunities head your way.


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