Is Keyword Research Dead? The Whys and Why Nots

Firstly, let me state that Keyword research is not dead, in fact it is an Is Keyword Research Dead? The Whys and Why Nots essential portion of  the SEO funnel. The Issue is that most marketers    put way more attention to the “Numbers” that the key word tool provides, rather than thinking about their readers, and the functionality of the webpage or web articles they are trying to produce.

A lot of marketers focused on what is known as key word stuffers, and they rely on key word placement, and competitive numbers. The issue with this process is the fact that yes you may rank well for whatever key word but how are your readers, clients, and potential customers reacting to your site. And that my friends is the key take away, how is your followers reacting to your site. Below I break down some pros and cons of keyword Research and how we, as on line marketers can better improve our  SEO page  ranks, sales, and the most important thing, our readers experience.


Reason why  #1 – automated key word stuffers & placement techniques

There are far too many Online Marketers relying on automated key word stuffing tools. The issue with some of these tools is the fact that its based around robotic numbers and algorithms without incorporating the human element, that is the reader’s reaction to your site. You end up building content for the robots, not the humans. Bad bad bad.

Reason Why #2 – Potential Numbers & sales

Many marketers feel that if they just rank well for sorting key words than automatically the sales are going to start pouring in, and money and cash for the business will be falling out of the sky. The issue with this is the fact that the online world is always changing, and search engines like google, bing and yahoo, are always updating their algorithms, and changing their ranking rules, and permissions. Also no one will ever want to read or engage on your web site if it looks to “ Spammy” with key words and other cheap tricks to get ranked.

Reason why # 3  – Key word tools may be Misleading / Hiding Data

I am going to use, the google AdWords tool for an example. Its not the fact that key word tools are lying, it’s the fact that they assume what key words your searching and analyzing for. Sometimes you will need to put the full search term inside the key word tool to see what other related key words may come up. The trick is you need to under stand that the numbers aren’t always 100% correct, more like 90% correct when it comes to traffic volume, sometimes you may need to do further research outside of the key word tool for analyzing.

 Reason Why Not # 1 – it’s a great place to start and understand the marketing environment

Keyword researching is not dead. In fact analyzing keywords is  the starting point for any marketing campaign, and it is an essential task that can allow you to analyze your compatition, and to help you figure out what products to sell, and can be the base for your website pages.

Reason Why Not # 2 Analyzing popular & Non-Popular terms

When I get ready to start an online marketing campaign, I ask my self is this product or service popular, are people interested in this subject that I am about to put in a lot of time trying to market. To answer this question, I look into and start searching the keywords in my key word tool. This online marketing technique is a great way to weave out the good, bad and ugly.

Reason Why Not# 3 Brain Storming for new content ideas

One of my favorite things that I call hidden features of keyword tools, is the fact that key word tools are a great resource to help you brain storm new content ideas. Many times I get what can be called “WritersBlock” and messing around with key word terms inside of my favorite key word tool, gives me some great ideas, when I am stuck trying to figure out what I should be talking about next and how I should be building my next website project.

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Final Thoughts

Key word researching is not dead in fact it is a must do task by online marketers. The breaking point is the fact that too many marketers focus solely on the keyword tool numbers, and expect to rise in the search engines and generate a lot of sales. The trick to key word researching is to try to figure out, how popular key words can benefit your website and help enhance your readers, followers, and customers on line experience. We as online business owners need to focus on brining quality to our readers, and balance between great keyword / automated tools and our readers experience. I use key word tools every day to help me create content for my website, and website projects, I did not write this article  to discourage you from key word tools, I am just trying to educate you on my online marketing concepts and techniques. Remember your readers come first. If your focus on quality content first than rankings, and sales will soon to follow.

Thanks Shane

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