Key concepts for creating, writing, and launching blog content

My Key Concepts For Blog Writing

Below I talk about, and break down some of my key concepts for creating, writing, and launching blog content. The below information is not a set-in stone, guarantee you results type of thing. It is more of a system that I use, or blue print of concepts that may help you generate content quickly and easily for your blogs, and web sites.


Concept 1 –  Ideas / brain storming

Take a deep look at your website, and think about the theme, and subject off your blog. Then create a list of –  should I say, Side subjects that relate to your main theme of your site. Those side subjects could be a – One blog post in its self.

Than take those side subjects and break down and discuss the main points and concepts with in that blog post. At this stage, you are just trying to organize your thoughts, and ideas. Just write and gather ideas at this stage.


Concept two –   form the structure of the blog post

Ok now that you have all your thoughts and ideas together, it’s time to start out lining your blog post. Creating titles, subjects, header, middle, and ending paragraphs. Pretty much create a flowing template for your content, then start placing the information with in your content, remember to keep your readers in mind.

Concept three – Pictures and images

This is the time when you add your pictures and videos to your blog post. Make sure you are following copy writing laws, and that the pictures and videos you add are relevant to your blogs written content. I like to search and save my pictures during the brain storming portion, that way I can just up load my photos rather than search for the pictures as I’m trying to write the content. having the pictures and videos ready save me a bunch of time.

Concept four – Keyword Placement

Oh the dreaded keyword placement discussion. Friends listen, it breaks down like this, don’t sweat the key word placement to much. Write your content for the readers, not the search engines. When it comes to keyword placement I suggest starting with your keyword in the title, first paragraph, middle and somewhere in the end of your post.

Only display your keywords with in your content three times, google and other mainstream search engines are starting to crack down on key word stuffing, and if you add your key words too many times to your sight, it may have a negative effect on your sight. Also it Is good to note that keyword research is a great way to brainstorm ideas for your sight and to see what other sights may be doing in regards to web site management and marketing.

Concept five – grammar

Just write and publish your content. Obviously review the grammar, but don’t sweat about being perfect not everybody is a master in writing. You will want to be writing in the Lingo of your content in such a way that your readers will understand. You may want to think of refraining from abbreviations, and writing correctly for whatever your post is about.  For example, if I am doing a post for seasoned chefs, I will use terms with in my writing that a seasoned chef will understand.

I have seen so many people who don’t post their content because they want it to be perfect, well sometimes writing is not perfect and most blogs are always in flux and changing, so write down do  some basic grammar corrections, and get your stuff published so readers can find your excellent content.

Concluding thoughts

Keep writing, no one is perfect, and writing and getting your content published is the main point. Also, you must keep your readers in mind write for your readers, and the search engines results will come. The wonderful thing about blogs, is that it’s like a snow ball effect, once you start getting content out and readers are reading your content than things like traffic and commissions will soon follow. But keep your readers in mind, they are the key for a successful blog post and just blogging in general.

Please leave me a comment below about my Key concepts for creating, writing, and launching blog content. I love to hear from my readers.

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