Key word Researcher Review – My Break Down

Product Name – Keyword ResearcherKey word researcher review – My Break Down

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Keyword Researcher Review – My Break Down


Key word researcher is a great key word tool that will help you analyze and find long tail key words that will in return get your website ranked in the search engines. In a short quick break down keyword researcher is a key word discover tool.

Every time you type searches with in google, thousands upon thousands of queries a day show up. What Keyword researcher does is help you pin point the most popular ones, and give you analytics based around the results for any giving long tail keyword tool.


What is a long tail Keyword ?


The concepts behind long tail keywords is the fact that many marketers are building websites, around specific words. A long tail key word strategy is focused on more words strung together that almost form a full sentence. You see long tail keywords is a great way to cut off a lot of the competition because too many SEO experts market for key word phrases, but they forget to market for long tail key word terms. For example, a key word term for Digital camera could be searched around 160,000 times a day, but the long tail version could look like, how to use my digital camera in the woods. With searches around 1000 daily, with a lot less competition.  You would want to target the second, because although the searches may be lower, but the chances of success is much higher.


Keyword placement break down  – The Top Locations In Your Content


·         Amount it shows up in your content – 3 to 6 ( no key word stuffing )

·         Where should you place Your Key Words – Article Titles, Subtopics, Anchor Text

·         Once in the first paragraph and once in the last paragraph


One last tip for key word placement, is to not over think about the placement of your keywords. Just do it and write your content for your readers, and the rankings will follow.


Key features for Keyword Researcher

·         Search Google / Amazon / YouTubeKey word researcher review – My Break Down

·         Create SEO Optimized Content

·         Plan a Content Strategy

·         Locate Negative Keyword List

·         Advanced keyword search

·         Assign keywords to different lists to use at a later time or not at all

·         Top key word tags

·         Import Google Keyword Planner Files

·         Import From Microsoft Excel

·         Export to CSV and XLS

 How I Use Keyword Researcher


·         Attack Hidden Long Tail Keyword terms that have low computation

·         Generate Enormous keyword lists for content creation

·         Great for generating content ideas when you run out of topics to write about

·         Figure out what issues and question your potential clients may have about your product

·         Analyze the market and  find holes in your competitions marketing procedures.


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Key Pointers to a key word strategy with Keyword Researcher

·         Import keyword list files with the google keyword PlannerKey word researcher review – My Break Down

·         Differentiate the good from the bad

·         Assign your Keywords to article Groups and content ideas.

·         SEO Optimization

·         Export content right to word press

 MY Final Thoughts For This Keyword Researcher Review

All website related tasks and internet marketing gigs begins with Keyword research, an end with keyword related tasks. The key words you use are the key to your success, you need to have a great key word tool in your internet marketing tool box to be successful, and key word researcher has everything you need.  Click hear to get your copy today.

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