Looking At FaceBooks Paid News Service

The Possibility of a Subscription based news service platform for users on Facebook – My Quick Look!

Breaking news, Facebook just announced Some critical information on a new paid service they will beFacebook subscription news service launching / testing on their platform. This paid service will change the way that people consume news on Facebook. To Make a long story short, plain and simple if you do not have a paid membership for any giving news outlet you will get cut off after you have read 10 articles with in the Facebook platform.

The base of this subscription platform is the simple fact that many newspapers and magazines outlets are losing money and memberships do to on line news consumption and free information. It is also a way to blacklist, and slowdown all the fake news and miss information on facebook.

Facebook is considering this as a subscription based news product. They announced this at the recent Digital Publishing Innovation Summit in new York. ( No I was not at this event). The reason for this is quite simple the newspaper companies want to control the articles and news that are displaying online/ facebook.

Who does this new subscription news based service benefit?  

  • The newspaper companies – they make money from consumers, and other readers.
  • The readers / subscribers – The readers can benefit from this because they will know that the articles and news they are reading is accurate and correctly distributed for reapable sources.
  • Facebook – They make money from the magazines and newspaper companies, and they also receive higher traffic from users, and Facebook starts looking like a reputable source of news and information.

To be honest with you, I believe this could be a great fit for everyone if Facebook and Zuckerberg can pull this off correctly and not over charge for the service . This paid service should be vamping up in early 2018, but keep your eye out for it, this has the potential of how users, and readers consume information on line.

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Leave me a comment Below and tell me your thoughts on the subject. what i want to know is ? do you like this or not, and a key pointer or why or why not. also would you pay for  news on faceook.

Thanks for reading shane.

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