How I Made My First Sale As A Click Funnels Affiliate & How You Can Too

All right let’s talk about click funnels, as an Affiliate. Let me show you how I made my first sale As A click funnels Affiliate & How You Can Too. If you landed on this page then you must already know a few things about click funnels , and how important this high quality software is to your business and sales funnels. In the case that you don’t know what click funnels is, then I will briefly break it down for you next.

What Is Click Funnels?

Below is short bullet list of key features of click funnels

  • Building out Sales & Marketing funnels
  • Drag and drop Squeeze Pages
  • All you need to market, sell, and deliver your services and products
  • Great customer support & marketing training
  • Squeeze page templates and funnel templates, you can use for your business
  • Affiliate program
  • A lot of free content
  • Russell Brunson is the founder
  • Email Marketing on Steroids
  • Autoresponder


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How I made My First Sale As A click funnels Affiliate  & How You Can Too ( in 3 days with 1 Ad )

 All right, so let me first say that every ones results are different, and it may  take you longer to achieve your first sale as a affiliate, but I want to share with you my experience and what I did to land that sale, that way you can be inspired to work hard  & make real cash .

Firstly I joined the click funnels affiliate bootcamp training FREE – I got my affiliate links, banner ads, email marketing scripts, and a 12 day video training course that went over all the best ways to  market, set up, and reach the correct buyers. This content was amazing and easy to follow and implement. And best of all the techniques really did work. I mean I made my first sale with in 3 days of the trainings.

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After I went thru the first 4 videos and learned how to set up a funnel, and connect my autoresponder, I was ready to market and send paid traffic to my affiliate offers. (yes paid traffic is key to this method) I used the training videos, to put together my ad campaign ( click funnels have training on this stuff ) and I launched my ad campaign, with in 1 day of launching my ad I landed my first sale.

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What did I do to land my first click funnels affiliate commission?

  • Bing Ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Use Keywords in my ad copy
  • $15.00 dollar day budget
  • Targeted internet marketing professionals and related keyword terms
  • I followed the click funnels training and marketing techniques

All thoe I posted and shared my affiliate links on social media, and got a lot of free views, it was my Bing Ad that got me my first sale. Now many marketers are turned away from Bing Ads, because the scalability is not high, but not me, because there are marketing opportunities every where you look you just need to be opened minded and try things out.  Now that being said there are some key reasons to use Bing ads.

Key reasons to use Bing ads over other marketing platforms.

  • Cheaper cost per clicks
  • Lower competition
  • Automated / AI keyword terms and targeting options
  • Best place to test ad copy & services
  • Best place for new business owners starting out with paid advertising campaigns

The down Side Of BingAds

  • Scale ability is very low, if you are already making a lot of sales and have a lot of traffic bing is not for you
  • Click thru rate / traffic can be low
  • It may take a few extra days to land the amount of views for your offers you want
  • Many people just do not use the Bing search tool for there internet usage

MY final thoughts on How I made My First Sale As A click funnels Affiliate  & How You Can Too

Get out there and take risks, firstly because click funnels is set up to help business owners sell, so selling clickfunnels is a win win . With internet marketing it takes some time and training, and depending on your skills and work you put in ,  will depend on your success with selling click funnels. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope this article helped you out and shed some light on being a click funnel affiliate .

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