Make Social Media Marketing Work In 2018

All right, I got inspiration for this article blog post the other day when I got wrapped up in a question and answer thread in a facebook group.  I spend time in various facebook  groups answering questions and assisting people with there marketing questions.  My goal is to teach people the value of social media marketing in 2018 and teaching other marketing techniques.

Now the question the facebook person was asking was  in reference to  SEO techniques. I had dropped my  response Make Social Media Marketing Work In 2018 Article and gave them my tips and tricks. This is when the discussion started and my inspiration kicked in, now as with all open facebook discussions people started chiming in and  telling me that social media marketing is not SEO, and that shares and likes have no effect on rankings. Now I went back and forth in a positive manor with this facebook user, and some ideas started to go thru my head.

The first is, many people are still trying to find quick work around loopholes to boost rankings, and two most people are not in the right mind frame to put in the hard work to make seo / social media marketing be successful for their business. Hence my inspiration for this post I want to educate you on and make social media marketing work in 2018 for your business.

Guys there is no such thing as  an over night success with seo and social media marketing. It takes time consistency, trial and error, and a lot of hard work.  Now I am not going to be breaking down all they key pointers in SEO on this marketing blog post, instead this is a road map to make social media marketing work in 2018.

Where to Start – The Social Media Marketing Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat
  • Pintrist
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Quora
  • Periscope

Each social media platform has its pros and cons when it comes to rankings, SEO and growing your brand in 2018. Not all platform is treated equally when it comes to viewership and shares.The trick hear is to think about what your business is and who your targeted market is, and where are those user located at. For me , I use facebook, google+ , Youtube, Instagram  ( those are my top ) I will break down how to utilize these platforms later in this article, but for now lets discuss some key features and definitions.


 Defining Social Media Marketing

To me social media marketing is the process of creating content that gets users engaged with value information that truly gives the reader insight they need, along side gearing the content to the specific context of each platform. Meaning different style of content for all the platforms.


Its with this confusion that business owners and marketers get lost, it just seems to much work to figure out what works on what platform. And to be honest with you, utilizing social media marketing in 2018 comes down to hard work and consistency. Below I want to discuss how to utilizes these platforms and some key tips in regards to social media  marketing online  in 2018


Where and How To Start

  • Goal of social media marketing – to get more website traffic / brand awareness and boost SEO rankings.
  • How to make this happen – Content must be engaging so that people will like and share it, the content needs to be so good that people want to share and talk about you.
  • Start With – The platforms that fit your business needs first, and utilize the oldest ones first. Start monetizing for one platform get good at one then move to the next one.
  • Content & Context – whatever you post is considered content, the context is the manor you post with  IE don’t post videos on pintrist , because pintrist is all about photos and short articles. Context and content is key to being successful on social media marketing in 2018.
  • #Hashtaging – OK everyone knows that they need to drop HashTags in their content, the trick to  this is adapting your targeted keywords and #hashtag them under your social media posts.
  • Shares and Likes – the back bone and currency for social media marketing. We are striving to create content that gets likes and shares, not sales.
  • Engagement – helps boost your profiles, and SEO rankings. Otherwise known as interaction with your content.


The New Age – Social Media Marketing In 2018

Yes the days of large organic reach with in a social media post is long gone , its  not the same as it was eight years ago.  the globe that is social media is always changing and changes faster than any other online space. So it is essential to keep up with the trends. Below I breakdown some key trends to keep an eye on with in social media marketing in 2018.

  • Organic reach is down
  • Paid advertising / Boost postings are up
  • Slowly becoming pay to play – social media spend doubled from 2014 to 2016.
  • Merging all channels – IE your blog can now be a facbook profile, and instead of creating a blog you can just post the content right in your facebook.
  • New Marketing tools – look for new Robots and automated messaging in 2018


How Make  Social Media Marketing  Work In  2018

Firstly, know your customers, and what platforms they use. Next figure out the context of those platforms, so you can start to put the pieces of various content you need for those platforms. Now you want to start posting, and be engaging with your customers. Think engaging, not selling. Remember social media marketing is for brand awareness not for selling.

The Top Social Media Platforms that The Search Engines Like

  • Google+ – when people share and like your content on google+ and they share a post you make that has a link back to your site google takes recognition of this.
  • FaceBook Business page – once your facebook business page starts getting recognition and shares, and some one searches for your business in google and bing , in some cases your business facebook page will show up first, which is still good because if you set it up correctly, you will have a link back to your site with in your facebook business page.
  • Tweeter – everyone is on twitter, and the platform is great for sharing and referencing. Think Donald trump. Now the trick is to find ways to leave links, and to correctly use “HashTags” in combination with your keyword terms.  
  • InstaGram – Instagram is great for making connections, and brand awareness. I don’t have much data to prove Instagram is great for SEO, but you need to be utilizing insta so I put it in this part of the article.
  • YouTube – Who doesn’t like a great how to video.


Final Thoughts for Make Social Media Marketing Work In 2018 Article

My friends, get on social media and start posting. 2018 has only just begun, and we need to start thinking more about branding and building communities, not sell sell. We have to work hard and not think about shortcuts and loopholes. Its about consistency and time, not quick turnarounds. I hope this article helps you manage your social media accounts. The competition for web marketers is so high, so it takes more work, and harder focus to achieve greatness. Good luck and leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts.


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