How To Make Your First $100 With Clickfunnels As An Affiliate In 2022

I remember the first time I tried to build an online business, it was a mess.   all of my ideas were so ineffective and none of them really took off. after some time I found out about this tool called clickfunnels and started using it.  After  a while, using the tool  and honing my marketing skill  I have gotten my first sale! not just one sale, over the past few years I have ben able to make multipole reoccurring sales using the methods I discuss in the below article. How To Make Your First $100 with clickfunnels  as an affiliate in 2022.

Yes its true the below methods can be used to market realy anything on the internet, However this article is going to break down how I made my first 100 with clickfunnels as an affiliate. The online advertising industry or  affiliate marketing business owners  have to be agile, because the competition is ever changing and marketing methods are constantly in flux. Google and SEO are also great resources, however ever changing . So if you are on the hunt for your first sale, just know that this path to your first $100 dollars is very very hard, how ever I am here to give you some pointers on  show you, how I made my first $100 dollars as a clickfunnels affiliate.  But first lets talk about clickfunnels.

 What is clickfunnels

In short ClickFunnels is an ingenious website and sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs. Yes, ClickFunnels was created so that businessowners  like you & me  who are not programmers or coders can build beautiful pages on a sales funnel to grow your company online! ClickFunnels is a unique and powerful marketing tool that helps you stand out in the crowd. It allows for creativity to flourish with different types of funnels, which might be right for your business.

ClickFunnels is a very transparent company. They help you to build sales funnels that will turn visitors into prospects and which, in the end, they may become your real customers. ClickFunnels can also be used for collecting payments and keeping track of how each page displays on your funnel.

Top Features of Clickfunnels 2022

  • Webinar Funnels
  • Hangout Funnels
  • Order Pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • Downsale Pages
  • Sales Funnels
  • Membership Funnels
  • Auto Webinar Funnels
  • ClickPops
  • ClickOptin
  • All Advanced Funnels
  • Share Your Funnels
  • Priority Support
  • Priority Template Requests
  • Custom Domains
  • A/B Split Tests
  • Email Integrations
  • Optin Funnels

The ClickFunnels customization, mobile support and integration allow you to take your business anywhere. There are pre-made templates for every need that can be customized with the drag-and-drop editor tools. Add in various kind of content as well as dynamic features like social media sharing options and email marketing; this is what you get when implementing a funnel:

The main benefits of ClickFunnels are customizations, mobility and great integrations. These three things make it so versatile – they come with premade funnel templates catering to varying business requirements which you can customize using their easy drag-and drop editor toolkit or create one from scratch yourself! The possibilities here are endless because there’s no limit on how many pages we’re able to add.

Free Training And Tools From Clickfunnels (2022)

Traffic Secrets is a book and course that focuses on pulling in traffic for sales funnels. You will learn how to attract your idea customer and implement the proper way to lure them to your business website and social media profiles.

DotCom Secrets, The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online. Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets Book Reveals His Simple Process That Any Business Can Use. The number one way to grow your company online is with a proven system for sales funnels and the right tone of voice on social media channels – it’s what Russell  teaches in  dotcomsecrets book, “DotcomSecrets: The Underground Playbook For Growing A Company Online.”

Expert Secrets lays out the step-by-step process of starting an online business. The focus of this book is to teach you how to take your skills and knowledge and turn it into a thriving online brand. 

Clickfunnels free 14 day Trial & Affiliate Marketing course
Learn How To Create High Converting websites and sales funnels

One FunnelAway Challenge ( free trial – Free Training -Learn from top affiliate marketers and copy there strategies )

Funnel Scripts  ( AI copy /content creation tool )

How To Make Your First $100 With Clickfunnels  As An Affiliate In 2022

Breaking Down My Process To My First $100 & Showing You My Favorite Affiliate Marketing Tools

So now that you have a great idea on what clickfunnels is, now let me get into the meat of the article How To Make Your First $100 with clickfunnels  as an affiliate in 2022.  Below is my method for collecting leads and turning prospects into customers, utilizing the clickfunnels tool in 2022.

Steps On How To Make Your First $100 with clickfunnels  as an affiliate in 2022. 

Part One Keyword Research / Niche Research

It all starts with keyword / niche  research , in my case I promted the clickfunnels software, and my niche was the webdesign/ make money online industry. If your wondering  How to Find Niche Keywords in Your Industry ,  firstly Niche keywords are the highly specific long-tail keywords that pertain to a narrow industry vertical. finding niche keyword opportunities tailored for your online affiliate business can be quite challenging at times. So where do we start?

Step 1 – find your keywords and build out your list ( start with the name of the product you are trying to sell or the biggest problem your product solves) in my case I made a list of 20 terms related to.. How to make money online, How to build websites fast etc.etc .

Step 2 -confirm possible keywords utilizing keyword research tools. Analyze search volume and competition. The trick is to find long tail keywords that have high  search volume  but low competition. 

Step 3 – list out possible long tail keyword terms ( save these keywords for your ad copy,social postings, and blogging)

My recommended keyword research tools

  • Google keyword tool
  • Ask the public
  • Spyfu keyword tool

Spyfu Keyword Research Tool Full Review 2021

Part 2 – Build landing page / create offer

Create your own webpage tailored for potential customers. You’ll want to make sure it looks professional, and be mindful of any banners that may appear on top or bottom of the screen – these can distract from what should really matter most about this page which is convincing someone they are interested enough in your affiliate  product offer so as to click through onto another website ( your affiliate offer ). Follow this link to learn more about capturing leads and building landing pages In my case I used the clickfunnels platform to create my landing pages and promote my affiliate offers.

How To Use Clickfunnels in 2020

Part 3 – Generating  Website  Traffic

When it comes to generating traffic I have found the best results are when I used paid traffic methods. Inorder to make my first $100 I utilized the google and Bing ad platforms.  Long story short I utilized the keywords I researched earlier ( high search volume low competition long tail keywords)  I used these keywords in my ad writing for the titles, descriptions, and tags. The secret to utilizing paid traffic is to match up everything. IE u will want to use the same keywords on your landing page, tags,  and add descriptions.

How To Set Up A Bing Ad Campaign In 2020 – Part 1

Part 4 Analyzing Retargeting and landing Your First Sale.

After running your paid ad campaign you will notice that some keywords are getting clicked. You will then need to take those words that are getting clicked and run them thru your keyword planning tool  to find  more related keywords. You will then want to remove unrelated keywords, or keywords that are not performing well from your add campaign. This method insures that you are targeting the correct people and this method has the best chance  for you to land your first $ 100 dollars as a new affiliate in 2022. Rinse and repeat until you make your first sale.

Key Pointers To Paid Traffic

  • Follow what the data tells you (use keyword planning tool metrics)
  • Read and follow the add platforms policies
  • Run 5 to 10 dollar a day campaigns and try to test multiple ad descriptions
  • Run ad for at least 5 days or until you reach around 200 clicks this data will show you enough details to know if the add will be profitable
  • Focus on one ad platform first. I made my first $100 utilizing Bing ads, then scaled my affiliate offers with google  ads.  
  • Test test test , and follow what the data tells you.
  • (Bonus Tip)  test your add copy skills on free classified add platforms ( craigslist ,, 

Other website traffic sources for 2022

Below is a quick bullet list of other  website traffic methods for generating your first $100  as a clickfunnels affiliate in 2022, however free methods can take a very long time depending on niche to see results. My recommendation would be to work on both paid traffic and free methods at the same time.How ever I do utilize free traffic methods along with paid traffic methods so I want to break that down for you now.

  • Email marketing & follow up offers ( you need an email subscription list )
  • Solo ads ( kinda an advanced method need to have proven converting offer first)
  • Posting & link building in forums and chatrooms (older method but still works for some Niches)
  • Social media marketing ( groups, pages, marketplaces, paid ads)
  • SEO ( getting first place in google and bing )
  • Blogging ( My favorite )
  • Youtube ( podcasts,how to videos, paid advertising)
  • Quora profile answering questions & leaving helpful answers with links back to your offers 

Best Resources For Any Affiliate Marketer in 2022

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Free Website  Templates 14 day trial of clickfunnels

High converting landing page templates ( quick and easy to set up and edit)

  • Drag and drop editor with many editorial options
  • 24/7 support
  • Ongoing training for webdesign & internet marketing

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ClickFunnels 5th Year Birthday Celebration & Announcement Review (2020)

Free Website  Templates & 14 day Free trial of clickfunnels

The 5 Day Lead Challenge

The 5 Day Lead Challenge

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Concluding ON – How To Make Your First $100 With Clickfunnels  As An Affiliate In 2022

Above is my story of how I made my first $100 dollars with clickfunnels as an affiliate in 2022. It was not easy, and it took a lot of time and effort to get there. But with this guide you should be able to make your First $100 dollars in less than 2 months ! The best part about the steps listed above are that they can work for any business or product, so if you’re looking for ways to maximize your profit margins then implement the above steps.

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