Mediums Every Marketer Should Master

As a marketing specialist, you need to be able to communicate effectively through any and every medium possible—this will ensure that you are reaching a wide audience of consumers and can connect with them well. Social media, email and search engine optimization are three of these mediums that you should focus on, as they are some of the most commonly used mediums by consumers everywhere.

Social Media

Social media platforms are used by billions of people all over the world to connect with people, brands and businesses. Social media is a free tool you can use to reach countless potential customers! You can use social media to introduce your business’s vision to consumers, give information about or advertise products and services, respond to social trends or topics, and connect with your customers through interactive posts. Learn how to keep your messages short and concise, but well crafted and creative enough to resonate with viewers. Also, take the time to respond to customer’s comments on your posts! Because social media is meant to be a casual platform of connection, it is essential for marketers to find the balance between colloquial conversation and professional status. That balance in your content and responses will present your business as approachable but reliable.


Email newsletters are among the most popular content marketing tools used by businesses because they are an easy way to distribute information to your customers. Every subscription is an opportunity for you to consistently remind your consumers about their interest in or previous experience with your business. Email is low cost but thorough—you can present information on special deals, upcoming events, success stories and testimonials, and more. Even if your consumers don’t read the email thoroughly, they can access relevant information to their interests at a glance.  

Search Engine Optimization

Every time a consumer searches for something on the internet, the first results they see are those with high “search engine optimization” or SEO. This means that their websites have plenty of effective content on their pages that is popularly linked or contains key words used in those searches. Know how to create content that will boost your SEO! Come up with new and relevant content regularly, and use tags or links to connect your information with others that can be traced back to you. This is incredibly important if you want customers to be able to easily find you from a simple search!

Mastering these mediums as a marketer will improve the amount of exposure and positive feedback you get from customers. Learn what to use, what to say and how to say it with each of these mediums. Your connections to consumers will increase significantly!

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