Up-Grading Your Customers Mobile Experience – Top 4 Theory’s

The mobile world is huge. Users, customers, and potential customers are using mobile devices like cell phones and tablets more and more. The thing is that these people are always on the go, and they want the same quality of service no matter what device they are Using at that moment. A

Up-Grading your Customers Mobile Experience – Top 4 theory’s

nd that my friends is the challenge that many business owners and internet marketers face regularly.

As on line internet marketers   we need to try to stay focused on our one main goal. Get in front of our buyers and provide them with high quality content and services. The below article –  Up-grading your customers mobile experience top 4 theory’s is to break down some theory’s and ideas that could improve your customers mobile experience, that will then in return build more sales and revenue.

Up-Grading your Customers Mobile Experience – Top 4 theory’s

  1. Single Sign-Ons for all social media accounts
  2. Instructional short videos / widgets
  3. Load Speeds
  4. Instant messaging

Its time for marketers and service providers to start thinking outside the box when it comes to innovative ways to better service our customers. You see it all starts with mobile, being anywhere at any time, and having the functionality to purchase and do whatever you want is the need. So now let’s look at each Mobile theory one by one, and talk about how and what way these theory’s could improve your consumers mobile experience, which is our main goal.


Single Sign-Ons For all social media accounts

How great would it be for your consumer, to easily log in real quick and consume your content on multiple services with  super-fast logins. Now there are currently some services all ready that allow for this feature, but a big issue is the simple fact that many companies are not taking the advantage of single sign-ons.

Now some may say it could be a potential security risk, but I will battle that belief with the simple fact that you still need  to import your email and password to login on the first time. Its all about reaching your customers faster and making your consumers  experience better and easier.

Instructional short videos / widgets

This one is strait forward, companies need to start using videos to market their products on line, and utilizing widgets to show, teach, and instruct customers on how to use their products. The age of quick short  7 -10 min videos are starting to take wave, consumers are wanting short form videos on social media to learn from the companies they purchase from . Below are Some quick Social media  video marketing stats.

  • 82% of twitter users watch video content on twitter ( Insivia)
  • Almost a billion users are plugged into youtube with almost 500 million hours watched daily on that platform
  • 87% internet marketers use video content to market their services.


Load Speeds

Your website needs to upload fast no matter what device the user is on when they try to consume your content. Some great tools I use to test the speed of my websites are as follows. The below tools will also give you tips on how and what to change to make your website download speeds faster.

  • webpagetest.org
  • Google developers/pagespeed test.


Instant messaging

Companies are starting to use instant messaging / email to better help consumers with sales, issues, and to answer any need the consumer may have almost instantaneously. This is awesome for the consumer, but it has become a huge challenge for companies to address those concerns. The companies moving forward with this style of support are going to gain massive respect from there consumers, and if done correctly they can generate massive amounts of money.


In Conclusion for Up-Grading your Customers Mobile Experience – Top 4 theory’s

Its my thoughts that we  are moving in the right directions, the issue, is that our world of business, and technology is consistently changing and shifting. Witch in my eyes is a very cool, fun thing because as marketers it keeps us growing as people and keeps us challenged to service our consumers better and easier.

The new challenges of mobile marketing keeps me enticed to constantly push my self to better marketing tactics, and consumer servicing. I hope the above article helps you see things slightly different, and will then in return help you upgrade your mobile marketing tactics, and give your consumers  a better experience.


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