My 3 Top Reasons Why Website Visitors Come Back

3 Top Reasons Why Website Visitors Come Back

these days, as a online marketer all the talk seems to be  about which metric to follow, what platform

My 3 top reasons why website Visitors come back

to use, and how to find the best affiliate products to find and sell , online entrepreneurs can sometimes forget about, to me is one of  the most important factors. The resell, and how to manage returning visitors, and keep them coming back for more.

After giving it some thought and research I came up with my  3 top reasons why website Visitors come back, and some key pointers and things to keep in mind while Blogging, and other website / content creation projects are going on.

3 top reasons why website Visitors come back

Logical and Smooth – what do I mean by this. Well when I say logical I mean does your web site make sense, does it have the correct info on it, are your tabs easy to find and navigate thru, are your pictures the correct size, are all your links working, and does it  have a concise  feel. Also a huge concern is user experience smooth. Questions to ask your self are, how long is the download time, do the links load quickly, and how is the mobile experience. Once you smooth this issue out, you will well be on your way to a great website that has readers coming back for more.


Community Comments – readers are very interactive and love to express them self’s on their favorite brands and websites. Its essential to be engaging your readers and talking  with them VIA comments or guest posts and or surveys, and always respond to emails. The most experienced online marketers care deeply about their readers, and followers, and will respond to most questions, and engage in conversation helping their readers.


Branding – also some would say personalization, you gotta keep in mind that people buy stuff from people and brands they trust. You need to have the same message, across all platforms. You also need be a brand or personality that people like and enjoy their content.  Its about staying consistent, and giving your readers and blog viewers excellent content.

My 3 top reasons why website Visitors come back

  • Branding
  • Community Comments
  • Logical and Smooth


This article is a quick look at some off the metric reasons people come back to see your site. You see when you create content for the readers, and design the websites with user experience in mind then you cant go wrong, and eventually you will start to see income.

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