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Name: Jaaxy Keyword tool

 free trial – Pro $19.00 – Enterprise $49.00 ( Monthly Fees)
Owners: KYLE
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

JAAXY, Product Overview

Why make Jaaxy your number 1 key word tool? How can Jaaxy benefit you, the business / website manager? Does Jaaxy really work?

Today I hope to answer the above questions for you. I am writing this jaaxy product review to share my experience with this keyword tool, and help educate you on a great key word research tool that can help grow your online business.

Todays keyword research tool market can be a very tough market to navigate thru if you are a consumer, and it can be very hard to find the right keyword tool. The great thing that makes jaaxy stand above the rest is, Firstly JAAXY does way more than key word research.

Secondly at JAAXY they use algorithms of data from multiple search engines not just google. That way, your time spent  researching Niches are spent analyzing correct up to date information.

SO what’s the big deal with Jaaxy? Keep reading my Jaaxy  keyword research product review and learn more about this top notch Key word research tool.

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Jaaxy Top Features

The Good:

PRO #1- with Jaaxy you gain great key word analysis, you get quality information on , monthly searches, estimated traffic, the competition, and KQI ( Keyword Quality Index)
PRO #2 Ninja Insights on your competition, and how they are ranking in the search engines
PRO #3 Keyword ideas or what Jaaxy calls Brainstorming, this feature allows you to come up with other popular content and keyword ideas that will help you generate more traffic, that leads to more sales.

PRO #4 Free trial Offer.

The Bad:

CON #1- you cannot enable or change  the language used by the searcher, while analyzing your keywords
CON #2 – there are some advanced features, that could be over whelming for new internet marketers.

Who is JAAXY For?
Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool for almost all online internet business, for all levels in experience. Lets view who may benefit from Jaaxy.


  • Article marketing professionals
  • Niche marketing managers
  • Freelance professionals
  • Bloggers
  • Website flippers
  • Online pay per click marketers
  • Seo professionals
  • Online marketers that need to research their competition
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Other on line business owners


 Domain Search –  Informs you on exact Domain names that correlate with your keyword search terms.

SEO POWER – Lets you the keyword researcher know if a keyword term is good for SEO, and if the keyword term can be ranked and give you insights on potential monthly number of visitors. The scoring is of 0 -100 and usually a score of 75 + is good.

KQI ( Keyword Quality Indicator) –   very similar to traffic signals, this feature allows you to understand the good the bad, and the maybes. With green for great, yellow for good, and red for poor.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) – Informs you on the competition for your desired keyword term. This Jaaxy feature allows you to gain knowledge on the pages / websites that are competing for that term. The lower the number the better while using this feature.

Monthly Average Searches – simple and strait forward, this feature informs you of the monthly searches for google, bing, and yahoo.

Traffic estimator – the traffic your sight will get if you rank with that particular key word term

ToDO list – allows you to plan future keyword campaigns.

Related results – key word terms that are closely related to your keyword term.


The other features Jaaxy offers

  • Site Rank
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Saved Lists
  • Search History
  • Search Analysis
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Brainstorm

    The Jaaxy Support Team

    The Jaaxy support team is reliable and fast, the support team at Jaaxy answers quarry’s in a timely manner, and will give you excellent advice in a polite, informative easy to understand conversation.

    JAAXYS Price

    At Jaaxy there is 3 different price packages

    1: Free – a great way to test run the keyword tool

    2: Pro Plan – $19.00 monthly everything you need to start your keyword campaign

    3: Enterprise Plan – $47 monthly – Bring your keyword researching to the next level and get your sight ranked.

    Final Thoughts on Jaaxy

    Jaaxy is truly one of those “must Have marketing tools” that will take your online marketing campaigns to the next level, and get your website ranked. Let me break down my Jaaxy review for you.


    • Find highly trafficked Niches
    • Locate low competition keywords
    • Know the keywords that will gain you instant rankings
    • Understand the potential amount of traffic you may gain for your keyword
    • Brainstorming excellent new ideas, and stream line your keyword research
    • Saving your keyword lists so you can stream line research
    • Excellent tech support to answer all your questions
    • Build To-Do Lists
    • Find trends and exploit them
    • Flip buy / sell highly wanted domain names
    • Find affiliate programs related to your key word terms
    • Get highly quality keyword analytics so you can monetize your website.
    • Learn what keywords and niches you can make money from

    PRODUCT_NAME at a Glance…

     Name: Jaaxy
    Price: free trial – Pro $19.00 – Enterprise $49.00 ( Monthly Fees)
    Owners: KYLE
    Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


    Your Ideas

     If you are thinking about trying out Jaaxy than click hear

    Do you have experience with JAAXY, or have you used other keyword research tools?Let me know below, and leave me a comment I want to hear your stories, and keyword research experience.



    Name: Jaaxy
    Price: free trial – Pro $19.00 – Enterprise $49.00 ( Monthly Fees)
    Owners: KYLE
    Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

    VERDICT: LEGIT/NOT : LEGIT a must have marketing tool.

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