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Officially Google AdWords Certified Blog Post 2018

adwords certifiedShane here from HomeBizNetWorks.com. This Blog post  is going to be a short one. I am creating this blog post to inform my readers, that I have recently got certified by google AdWords, and by sharing this information with my readers shows to you that A- I take my internet marketing techniques seriously, and B – it proves my legitimacy and my commitment to staying up-to-date with marketing concepts and in return can teach and show my readers high level marketing techniques.  That’s right I am Officially Google AdWords Certified, this is my Blog Post in 2018.

Looking at the google AdWords certificate – What You Need To Know

  • You need to pass two tests
  1. AdWords fundamentals & 1 of the following
  2. Search advertising
  3. Display advertising
  4. Mobile advertising ( this is the one I took and passed)
  5. Video Advertising
  6. Shopping advertising
  • Questions are timed ( 120 min for some tests & 80 min for others)
  • Roughly 100 questions per test
  • U need a passing score of 80%

 The best way to prepare for the exams

OK SO before you just dive in and take the exams you should think about a few things. Do I have any prior experience with bing, google and facebook ads. Also how will I use my Newley acquired google AdWords  cert in 2018 , is it for consulting purposes ( in my case) or are you trying to land a job at a company managing their marketing campaigns.

Think goals guys, now that we have that out of the way next we should look into studying material. I used googles free training material that you will find with in the google partners portal after logging in. since I already had a few years of campaign management experience  I was familiar with the process / terminology and it did not take me long to go thru the training material.

This could be different from person to person, but I suggests you go thru the training material that google has for you, because it is really high quality training material.one key tip before taking the tests is to watch some youtube videos by google partners on the test you are looking to take., youtube can be a great training resource.

3 Reasons why Being Officially Google AdWords Certified In 2018 matters to me

  • Shows Legitimacy and commitment to the development of Internet marketing concepts in 2018
  • Proves my proficiency in management marketing campaigns to my clients and business opportunities
  • Learning & Growth – I am always studying concepts and trying to build on my skills

Officially Google AdWords Certified Blog Post 2018 –  my final thoughts

 This is a quick post to show you that I am committed to internet marketing, and to prove to my readers what not only what can be done with internet marketing but that my knowledge that I am sharing is accurate and true white hat marketing concepts. I created this site with you in mind, because we all need resources to learn and grow. So my friends please tell me your thoughts below with your  opinions in regards to the google AdWords certification in 2018. Thank you

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