How Old School Marketing Aligns With SEO Techniques

Long story short, the basics of great marketing is when you are able to put the correct product in the correct places, and that my friends is at its core the main principle of SEO techniques. How Old School Marketing Aligns With SEO Techniques, is quite simple and I want to break down my thoughts on this subject.
When you break down SEO to its bare bones, the main purpose is to match the correct content / products and align them wiHow Old School Marketing Aligns With SEO Techniquesth search terms for your potential clients and customers. As Online internet marketers, it is very easy to get wrapped up in all the cool technology, new techniques, and the different process that help us sell, and build brand awareness.

The issue is that sometimes we forget the core principle of why we need SEO for our businesses. thinking on How Old School Marketing Aligns With SEO Techniques needs to be at our core, and sometimes it is just refreshing to get back to our roots, and market our products in the correct manor.

Four Points to any Successful Internet Marketing campaign And Old School Marketing principles

• Product
• Price
• Place
• Promotion

The above terms relate to the key concepts for any marketing campaign, old and new. Now let’s look into what these words mean, and what my thoughts on how they relate to SEO concepts and marketing theory’s.

Product – now every and all businesses have a product, now these could be affiliate products, and client services, but every business sells something and that is your product. You need to know all things about your product, who are the ideal customers, what features it may have, why your customers need the product. Your marketing campaign starts with knowing your product and service.

Price – there are many factors when figuring out the price you need to charge but lets talk about some key pointers. One way to start is to see what other companies charged for related products. You will also need to figure in material, shipping, manual labor, and marketing costs. Figuring out the cost to sell your product is very challenging, and will take some time to figure it all out.

Place – The Website or store front. The search engine rankings in google for specific terms and services is so important. Also in an old school manor, this relates to shop location and being on a very popular street. With today’s market place, it is essential to be in the top rankings in the search engines for your specific terms . people will very rarely click thru to the second pages in the search results, and if you’re not in the top five you could be losing money.

Promotion – this means in my mind a two-part process. branding, and add copy. In the world of digital media, and using PPC platforms is a must have and all companies need to use payed adds to promote their products. Also with the growth of Social Media, branding nowadays plays a big part in weather or not customers will consume your services or not. Now a days potential customers are doing more and more research on the products you offer. These customers are searching social media to figure out if your services are a good fit or not.

Some Old School Marketing methods and theory’s

• Mailing lists / Lead Buying
• Promotional Gifts / Give away sweep stakes
• Coupons
• Sign Spinning
• Songs – Jingles – quick short phrases
• Magazines and sales pamphlets
Offline Marketing Methods that still work today
• Bill Board marketing
• Print Adds – in books /magazines / subways / bus stops / sporting events / store fronts
• Radio
• Tv commercials
• Trade shows
• Public speaking events
• Networking events
• Cold calling / cold emailing

How to combine the two marketing Tactics and have success

How Old School Marketing Aligns With SEO Techniques is really quite simple but we need to keep one thing in mind, Branding. Branding and having one solid story or image behind all your marketing is essential to pull this off. Lets say your nich is in the golf club selling nich. You don’t want to be running a paid ads campaigns talking about base ball bats and hockey pucks, then have a billboard add in a subway station with a picture of a cheese burger.

You want to have the same flow and look to all your marketing content, that way your potential customers can quickly and easily understand what your message is, what your trying to sell, and recognize you. It is Your job to make it easy for the customer to not only know where to look, but also purchase your services.

I hope this article helps you understand the several types of marketing principles and can give you some ideas on how to market your products and services. Please leave me a comment below in regards to How Old School Marketing Aligns With SEO Techniques and tell me your thoughts below. Thanks for reading.

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