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Online Marketing Tips For  Brick And Mortar Businesses

Im not sure why, but many physical retail businesses fear selling their products and services on line. Online Marketing can open the door to moreOnline Marketing Tips For Brick And Mortar Businesses sales, and keep your customers happy, and engaged with your content. The Internet continues to grow, and more and more brick and mortar business are lousing this battle.

You see this article is geared to ignite your internet marketing campaigns, and you may use this article in regards to Online Marketing Tips For  Brick And Mortar Businesses. So grab a coffee, sit back  and we can get started on growing your online profiles.

Key Features for selling your brick and mortar products and services with internet marketing.

  • Construct a online community /start a Facebook business page
  • Utilize paid advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Website monetization
  • Integrate sales funnels on autopilot.

How to Construct a Online Community

Utilizing social media like Facebook business pages, and groups will allow you to start an engaged online community. This avenue takes some time to build, but once it starts growing it has a snowballing, compound effect in a positive mannor. You see your current customers, would most likely want to engage, and socialize with other customers and share stories about your business. This is why you want a community, it gets people talking about your services. Below are some steps to take that will help you start your community.

How to build a community

  • Start a business facebook page. Use branding photos, and create some about my business postings.
  • Reach out to your current customers and ask them to join and follow your social media profiles
  • Post photos of your products and ask people for comments
  • Ask your followers questions to start community threads where people are talking with each other.
  • Join similar niche groups, and interact with the community, and invite friends from those communities to join your page.
  • Rinse and repeat


Utilizing paid ads

In todays market place it can take roughly 12-16 months for a new website to get good SEO rankings. That is a very long time. We need to be advertising your business while  simultaneously building better SEO rankings. This is where paid ads come in. you need to be utilizing paid ad services called PPC platforms. That way you can build a customerbase and get customers into your store.

The three main PPC platforms are –

  • Google ads
  • Bing ads
  • Facebook / Instagram stories


Email marketing

Email marketing is the secret sauce for internet marketers, and brick and mortar businesses need to utilize email to gain more sales, and interact with customers. Email is a great way to keep your customers informed on sales and business info. Remember the money is in the list, so build out your list, and grow your sales with email marketing.

Top Email Marketing autoresponder software.

  • Market hero
  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber

Website monetization.

What I mean by this is the look, layout, and overall user experience of your site. We need to make sure your site is reached-abole for mobile devices, and there is a sleek professional feel of your site. this is a ongoing process and it needs to be changed frequently, and is always in flux.  Remember you want information on how customers can reach you, and buy your products. Add information about  your business, and think about user experience first while building out your website.

Integrate a Sales funnel / Auto Pilot

Creating sales funnels will make your life easier, and once your sales funnel is set up it can run 24/7. Long story short it makes life easier. What is involved in a sales funnel? Adds + Landing pages + product offer + email/auto responder. When a client finds your offer they will be put thru a series of sales funnels / emails. This is great because if set up correctly you will never need to manually send out emails and contact your customers. The sales funnel do this.

Best sales funnel software.

  • Click funnels
  • Sales force
  • Lead pages
  • Hot jar


In conclusion for Online Marketing Tips For  Brick And Mortar Businesses

The above topics is the basic ground floor approach to marketing your brick and mortar business online. Hopefully this article helps you propel your business and generate more sales.please leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts


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