Optimizing Clicks With Bing Ads Auto Bid Strategy

Yes a Internet Marketers dream, Optimizing clicks with bing ads auto Bid Strategy, is a real feature, with Bing finally announcing this very cool rollout. IOptimizing Clicks With Bing Ads Auto Bid Strategy currently market on Bing, and I am a huge fan of the CPC platform. Since august 2016 Bing has ben creating, enabling, and rolling out what they call Enhanced CPC Bid Strategy’s. This feature allows you to make bid adjustments on specific campaigns, that will in turn automatically adjust your campaign up or down based around the settings you create alongside the probability that a click will convert.  Pretty cool right!

However this new strategy is geared and intended to enable and allow internet marketers an auto feature with the goal to maximizing the number of clicks that a marketing campaign is costed for. Now I am a big believer in hard work, and grinding, but when a great automated tool / feature comes around that will give me and my web site the potential for great reach and a better chance for conversions, than I am all in. this automated bid strategy from Bing ads is one of those features. Now lets take a look In side bing ads, with a few screen shots.

A Few Ways To Create a Campaign in Bing Ads

  1. Creating a campaign
  2. Click on Create Campaign
  3. Next make a decision on your campaign goals and features.


creat campaign



bing campaing 2



I am not going to break down the specifics hear because every business is different and every campaign is not unique. Also if you need specific questions or concerns, leave me a comment below and I will address your needs.

However I am a big fan of the two highlighted features

  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Import from Google AdWords


How to Use the Bing Ads Automated Bid Strategy  

  1. After a campaign is created make sure it is check marked on the left column
  2. Next Click on “ Bid Strategy Type” A drop down menu will appear
  3. Finally Click on maximize Click ( Automated Bidding) : set my bids to get the most clicks
  4. Your done


auto bid strategy


Bid Strategy best practices

  • Key word research with the focus on long tail keywords
  • Don’t try to outbid the competition you will over pay for clicks and run your funds dry instead Think outside the box with specific keyword combinations.
  • Make sure your keywords match in your ad copy, keyword list, and money webpage.
  • Don’t copy other ad campaigns word for word
  • Don’t try to click bait , be specific and honest in regards to your wording on your ad copy.
  • Don’t lie about the services, and products you are promoting
  • Never forget to leave the correct link to your website, with in the Bing ad campaign manager, that way when people click your add they will be forwarded to the correct sales page or money blog.
  • Always do split testing on different ad formats and keywords.
  • CPC management is a cat and dog game, remember to test, have patience, and use analytics to se results. When you are running cpc ad campaigns you have to remember that it is an ever changing world with varying changes, and you must be able to adapt to those changes daily, weekly and monthly.


I must  say that there is more to this than  the above steps, you first have to pick and do keyword research and then  set up your bidding & prices, I will save that information for another blog post. The above info is just a short break down on  the new features from Bing which is known as the automated bid strategy. Hope fully this blog article titled – Optimizing Clicks With Bing Ads Auto Bid Strategy helped shed some light and helping you with your marketing and ad campaigns. Please leave me a comment below, and tell me your thoughts and concerns.


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