Out Sourcing Internet Marketing Tasks , My thoughts

Ok Guys, Shane here back with another review article. Over the past week I have ben doing some research, and looking to out sourcing some of my internet Out sourcing Internet marketing Tasks , My thoughts marketing Tasks, below I break down my thoughts on the different services, internet marketing tasks, and web design jobs, that we as online entrepreneurs may need for our E-com and money making websites. Enjoy !

How To Start Out Sourcing Internet Marketing Tasks

First things first – Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses 

This one takes some time to figure out.it all comes down to knowing one self, and thinking about your own personal strength and weakness. In my case I am very strong with SEO, and Ad copy Marketing tasks. I am not the best with logos and web design. However web design and logos are a key component for all internet business.

So how do I get around this. I outsource web design tasks and logo creation tasks. Now I personally use WordPress, because they make it very easy for someone like myself to edit and manage websites. And I also use stock Photos that I can purchase on line. I then use those photos, and different widgets from WordPress to edit and manage my site.

Knowing what your E-Com Business needs

When it comes to  making  money online, your E-Com Business will need to have a few things set in place. Obviously you will need marketing, webhosting fees , SEO / Paid Ad campaigns , and social media marketing, and finally the layout of your website . The key features of a website is below.

  • Webhosting/ domain name / web security – godaddy, and wordpress are the best to help with this
  • Content / Blog
  • Affiliate and or links to places where people can buy stuff
  • Contact page / about business page ( this content could be on one page or two different pages)
  • Email marketing – Opt-In pages followed up with auto responders.
  • Terms of service / disclaimer page
  • Other info depending on your industry and regulations of that industry
  • Links to social media accounts
  • Comment section


Making decisions to outsource your Internet Marketing tasks

This process must be quick, and results will vary depending on task, competition, founding, and website needs. The reason we need to outsource marketing tasks is to assist us with completing things that we either A) don’t have time, or B) do not have the skills to accomplish a task. Outsourcing sorting gigs for your  internet  business can be very beneficial for your business, if done correctly.

How to Find Freelancers For Out sourcing Internet marketing Tasks ( My 3 Top Sites )

Founder – Alex Becker

What you will find – all sorts of freelance marketing opportunities


Founder – Shai Wininger & Micha Kaufman

What You will find – Freelance marketing platform for online outsourcing jobs


CEO  – Stephane Kasriel / Chairman – Thomas Layton

What You Will Find – Global Freelance Opportunities for all types of Industries


Quick Tips For finding freelancers For Outsourcing internet marketing Tasks

  • Firstly all freelancing sites are slightly different  but the  below concepts are the same
  • Find a seller who has done other gigs and has a positive rating
  • Read the prior reviews, and see what others are talking about.
  • Match up your needs, and sellers skills and services
  • Compare different sellers, and prices ,
  • Reach out to the seller, most sellers take there freelancing carrier very seriously and truly care about getting you the results you need, so ask questions. Also many freelancers will get penalized for having a poor rating score, so most freelancers are very engaged on the above platforms.
  • Don’t be scared, but be careful of scammers , the above platforms do a real good job at keeping the scammer out, but some will sneak thru the cracks.

SO fellow internet marketers, its time to get out there and start outsourcing some of your  marketing tasks that will enable your business to grow and prosper. I hope the above information helps you out if you are stuck and do not know where to start with free lancing and outsourcing marketing gigs . Good Luck on your journey.


Please leave me a comment below with your thoughts on outsourcing marketing gigs.

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