Popular Internet Marketing Subjects Of 2017 – MY Takes

Popular Internet Marketing Subjects Of 2017 – MY Takes – Digital media and Internet marketing is for sure changing the face of the marketing industry, and in 2017 Businesses are finally taking internet marketingPopular Internet Marketing Subjects Of 2017 – MY Takes seriously, and are investing in better marketing concepts, witch leads to companies advertising on line more and more in 2017.

As of today It is august 22 2017 and the end of the year is fast approaching. So I want to take this time a look  Back at some of the more popular Internet Marketing Subjects of 2017 Below Are My takes.


Popular Internet Marketing Subjects Of 2017 – MY Takes


Direct Feedback / Brand Awareness

Social Media has opened the Virial door for internet marketers in 2017. A lot of brands and companies are realizing the power of social influence and utilizing social media for brand awareness in 2017. Now it is very hard to analyze direct sales related to social likes and shares, but the trick that many business owners seem to forget is the fact that brand awareness is essential, and social media is the best place to grow brand awareness.

Artificially Intelligence / Automation marketing software

Think Data Analytics and quicker reporting. The theory behind automation software, and AI is to assist human marketers to do their jobs faster and more efficient. A big feature companies are testing in 2017 is creating technologies that predict consumer needs and trends. Now it is still very early and AI technologies for marketers haven’t really taking flight quite yet, but keep an eye out in the up and coming years for more AI services for marketers.

Instant Communication & Entertainment

 Generation Z Consumers are always on the move looking for that next thing to grab their attention. The younger generation is growing up with expectations on faster and faster response times. It is my fear that these generations are losing patience, and they do not have the understanding and start to displace  there ideas on what a good companies is or isn’t.

Information Extravaganza / Niche Overload

In the past there has never been more knowledge and information then you can find these days in 2017 online . Some say that we simply cant process all the information. My thought on this subjects is the simple fact that it can be very hard to figure out which source of data and information to follow. It can be extremely hard to decipher who is correct and who are the liars. It all looks the same.

Push Back on Aggressive Marketing Campaigns

 Pop Ups, Op-ed in forms that take over the whole website display, and or banner adds, are really starting to annoy consumers, and who can blame them. Shoot they annoy me, and I am an internet marketer. The thing is, most people / consumers  don’t mind many forms of advertising, its when the advertising starts being the main view point, and or overly aggressiveness seems to turn the younger generation away from sites like face book and tweeter.


Other Popular Internet Marketing Subjects Of 2017

  • Mobile Devices / On the Go Purchasing
  • The rise of Instagram and SnapChat
  • Social Influence Marketing techniques
  • Email Marketing
  • Live chat Boxes to connect with customers more efficiently
  • The death of PBNs & Back linking techniques
  • Rise of Video Marketing or Vloging  
  • IS SEO Dead – I disagree


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Thanks for reading this Popular Internet Marketing Subjects Of 2017 – MY Takes –  Leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts 

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