Quick InstaGram Marketing Tips For 2018

All right fellow marketers, below I break down some Quick Instagram Marketing Tips For 2018 that you should be utilizing to grow your brand in 2018 , now the below instagram info is meant for the hustler in mind. this is not a get rich quick thing, with posting your affiliate links all  over the place.

The below info I am sharing with you is for branding and building real followers for instagram. this process takes times, and you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Some times trying to make money in the short time will hurt you in the long term, so think about content + value over sales, sales and sales. when you provide value up front then the sales will start coming in later. Now its time to break down my instagram marketing strategy for you.

Quick InstaGram Marketing Tips For 2018

Step 1 – finding potential connections & clients on Instagram 

  • in the searchbar look for “# your niches key word terms”   the # tag is key because the instagram algorithm loves #Hastaging along side keyword terms
  • Next is to  click on photos  and look at the users profiles,  and see if their content matches up to your potential customer demographics  & try to see if a connection to this potential person will benefit the both of you.

Step 2 – Make the connection to your potential Customer On Instagram 

This is where you will DM the person you are investigating. now a few tips to consider.

  • go in soft, and think about ways your services can benefit that person
  • say hi and introduce your self and ask to connect first  ( example of DM Message =  Hi Im Shane, I love your profile : )  nice photos. I to Love “Nich Industry” I would like to connect and share information )

Step 3 – Provide Value &  give them real Info / services 

If the potential customer responds  to you, then  you will want to give them something for free. send them another DM  with some free services, say hey thanks for connecting with me hear is a coupon to my product for a thank you. or send them a file with a logo, and say hear is a free logo i created for you that you can use for free. please let me know if i can assist you with anything else.

Step 4 – Rinse and Repeat 


Key Tips For Marketing On  Instagram IN 2018 

  • DO not spam, and use automated DM senders
  • Put your customer first and try to provide value to them for free Up front
  • make sure your Instagram Profile is On point, Professional,and matches your niche
  • Do the above technique daily, and try to reach out to 15 -20 people a day
  • dont get discourage you will be turned down, keep trying and reaching out to people
  • This technique works well for local brick and motor businesses to, just make sure your searching local #hashtag terms, and searching for locally postings

All right so there you have it, the above instagram marketing tips work relay well on instagram in 2018. the key thing to keep in mind while utilize the above instagram marketing technique is to be brave, provide value, and do not & never spam. Good luck with marketing on instagram, and tell me your thoughts below.

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