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Reviewing Mobile – First Search Index from Google

It was roughly a year ago when google went public with some information in regards to how they will be ranking sites in the future. This announcement was in reference to a Mobile – first scenario where google will be ranking websites who are mobile friendly and are optimized correctly for mobile use.  Google will be placing these websites first in the serps.

The plan from google is to show snippets, thumbnails, and structional data from mobile friendly sites in the first page rankings. The main reason for this change is plain and simply because the way people use the internet has changed. Most people these days (2017) are using mobile, and tablet style devices to shop, and surf the web. The days of the old school desktop ranking algorithms are changing, thus we now have Mobile first indexing.

Webmasters will start noticing significantly more views from mobile devices in the next up and coming months. Currently google has launched this service to hand select websites in a specific niche. In most cases the mobile web version has less content then the desktop versions, and thus skewing the search engines rankings. That issue may piss off a lot of end users, they will blame google  and not the webmasters. But once the webmasters realize what’s going on they will soon take follow and optimize for mobile first.

Google noticed a huge sift in mobile use, and they needed to take mobile search seriously, and It clearly seems that they are.  Google seems to be trying to launch this new search engine algorithm in 2018. So all my fellow webmasters out there, we need to start optimizing our sites for mobile first indexing by google.

Un-fortunately google is leaving a lot of open ended information in regards to this matter. But please follow this blog, because I will be updating the newest information in regards to mobile first indexing by google.  So my advice for you is to get mobile ready and start a plan of action now.

Please leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

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