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“SEO” or search engine optimization is a set of techniques, methods, rules, and on line process that coherently come to gather to get your website ranked by google, Bing, yahoo  and other search engines. this is known as un paid results, natural, organic and earned “Page Listings”. SEO is one of the Key factors in the success of your on line business. Used As an online marketing strategy, Search engine optimization is a Online  marketing  tool, science, and process that business of all sizes use to sell, and engage people and customers.


It pretty much breaks down to a few key factors. Key words and Keyword phrases. You see  The search engines use a very scientific, specific algorithm that in return ranks the web site . Most SEO professionals use tools that help them study which Keywords are popular, and then those same SEO professionals will utilize those keywords with in their marketing campaigns, and e commerce websites.  No one really has the secret to how the algorithm works, but key words are among the most important , and first step to take while planning a online marketing campaign.

Other Key Factors

Keyword density some SEO professionals over do it when it comes to Key Word density. But a good rule of thumb is to use the key word no more than 5 times throughout your article, or web site content.

Keyword Phrases – try to think of creative ways to re word your keywords and turn them into keyword phrases, there are multiple tools that can assist you with this.

Search engine Bots – the search engine bots are the web site “Checkers” that search and scroll your site for keywords and they determine if your site is related to your  e commerce web site.

Test and Track – you must maintain a good key word list, and track which keywords are bringing traffic to your eCommerce web site.


SEO is the main focus of your website, it is key that you continue to add great Keywords, that you have monetize and tracked correctly. IF Keyword tracking is done correctly, it will improve sales and drive new customers to your e commerce  or home business website. 

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