SEO In 2018 Key Tips For Successful Blogging

Well fellow readers, its 2018 and 2017 has come and gone. To me this creates an excellent time to discuss key tips for successful blogging in 2018. Now most or many top internet marketers are saying that blogging is dead, and has died in 2018. The Issue I have with this thought frame, is one, I love blogging and sharing my internet marketing knowledge. Secondly content is king.

Blogging can really enhance your marketing and branding. add a blog alongside vlogging, and social media marketing and watch your marketing reach explode. Its simple you see  Its all about content and giving out value. Below I want to share with you some key tips For Successful blogging in 2018.

Key Tips For Successful blogging in 2018

Think Value Over stuffy sales pages

  • Becoming a authority figure in a niche
  • Potential customers will trust you more
  • Because of trust ppl will purchase your services
  • Google & people don’t fall for stuffy sales pages no more

Better website experience / customer experience

 Website design goals should be focused on around user experience. There are many online tools like google analytics that can help you better analyze your users experience. yes SEO techniques and keywords are important but they are secondary to user experience. Thats why Blogging is a great feature to add with your marketing campaigns, because it promotes great user experience.

Creating other sources of content

 Ok so you got a few blog posts up, that are getting recognition. Its time to turn those blog posts into keynote or how to videos. You should also convert those  blog posts to a social media  post & Share those posts in facebook groups. think out side of the box, maybe you turn a question and answer post  into a monthly pod cast.  Just try to get creative and find new ways to create value and content for your readers in 2018

Update  – Update & Update some more

Yes my friends keep your content fresh and new. You should be blogging regularly what ever that schedule is. Me my self I create two blog posts a week. Now does this always happen no, but that’s my goal and I stick to it more than not. I also utilize social media to enhance my blog and keep my content fresh. The worst thing in the world to do is to build a blog and just let it sit. We need to be up dating and creating more content consistency.

Key notes for successful blogging in 2018

  •  Update – Update & Update some more
  • Creating other sources of content
  • Better website experience / customer experience
  • Think Value Over stuffy sales pages


My final thoughts for successful blogging in 2018

Its now 2018 and it is a better then ever time  to be building a blog and creating content, the reason because most people don’t. blogging is not easy it takes discipline to stay focus, and it can take a lot of time to receive te results you are looking for. That’s why consistency and a steady flow of content creation is essential to survive, but the hard work is totally worth the head aces. Good luck and leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts for blogging in 2018.

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