What Is Social Engagement And Why It Matters!

Google Plus, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube, and Pinterest are the subjects of this article. What is social Engagement and why It matters, is a breakdown of my thoughts on why and how you should be marketing on social media platforms and how social media engagement can change your bottom dollar, and grow your business.  What Is Social Engagement And Why It Matters!

Firstly, let’s forget about all the hooting and hallowing with over hyping social media marketing concepts that come to mind when thinking about social media engagement & marketing, and instead let’s take a real hard organic look at how these social media plat forms could benefit your bottom dollar.

Now a day most people are hanging out in social media platforms to share news, ideas, passions, and to have discussions with each other on every subject known to men. Social media platforms are huge with not only sharing written words, but photos and videos as well. Social media is for sure a very unique tool, and gives business owners a huge opportunity to grow and change the world.

After a short time, business and advertising started to take over the social media world, and twitter and facebook became the top dog, and these social media platforms really started to grow, and add very cool features for their customers. Now social media marketing can be very cheap and very profitable, but the thing that many marketers are forgetting is the simple fact, that for the most part social media marketing can be a huge free source of traffic. In fact, the majority of the traffic I see on this web site Comes from social media platforms, like facebook and google+.

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Using Social Engagement To Build Reputation And Brand Awareness.

 Social Engagement Key Pointers

  • Build a powerful brand and reputation
  • Create reach that is independent of search engines (diversify)
  • Take advantage of the viral nature of social for extensive reach
  • Offer your customers an INSTANT medium to get help
  • Allow people to share your content (more reach)
  • Generate new business, new customers, and more traffic
  • Getting better rankings and build social authority with your pages and posts

While building social authority we need to keep in mind a few key factors. The biggest one is the fact that we are on social media for branding and not for sales. Its almost like reverse psychology. If you focus on your customer’s needs, and giving high quality content, instead of sales and or sale pages, then if done correctly your followers will buy more and make purchases when you do plug in your buy now buttons. This is a very thin line, we do not want every post on social media to be a sales page, or buy now post. Give feed back, get your customers talking about your services and products, then and on only a handful of posts place a buy now or get now button on your posts.

Social Media Marketing Key Pointers

  • Be engage-full and create an atmosphere of collaboration and talking points
  • Keep all images and story telling pointers the same on all platforms
  • Keep posts simple, and strait to the point
  • Use payed advertising to boost posts and reach more customers.
  • Link from posts to your money sites, and other social platforms
  • Don’t try hard to sell, think engagement and content “Information”
  • Free info and engagement is the secret ingredients for social media marketing

Postings Amounts  And Why You Need Social Media Engagement For Your Business

  • Typically One post every other day alternating between social media accounts
  • Create a post after you write a blog, website update or create a short vlog, give a brief description on the article  with in your social media account and then link out from your social media post  to your blog / vlog content
  • Any time you make an event update, website change, or sales event or product change
  • Creates a major source for branding and free internet website traffic ( 40% of site traffic for this site comes from facebook & youtube)
  • Build brand awareness and reputation & make your business known
  • Engaging with your potential customers will make them feel unique and will want to purchase your services that you offer.
  • Testing the market for new products and services
  • Being able to get Realtime reviews and feed back from your customers and followers
  • The potential to assist customers with issues, problems, and concerns in a real time A.S.A.P manor  

Final thoughts for What Is Social Engagement And Why It Matters!

Social media engagement is crucial in today’s internet marketing universe, implementing a social media marketing campaign must be high priority if you are managing any kind of business / or e-com business online. Social media marketing management  takes a lot of work and it is an ongoing process. Remember you want to stay consistent   posting regularly high-quality content, and remember to engage with your customers, and give value. Your customers go to social media for social engagement, so remember to use social media marketing for branding, and not for selling.

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