Social Media Platforms You Should Be Advertising On

Nowadays, the average person gets the majority of their information from the internet. The same goes for recommendations on products or services. In order for a business to capitalize off this new form of marketing, you need to know which social media platforms are best for certain types of advertising.

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Across different countries, Facebook is among the most used social media platforms. This is one of the reasons why Facebook is a great advertising platform. When it comes to targeting a specific audience, Facebook allows you to tailor your advertisement’s broadcast to specific people. Targeted advertisements are often more successful than ones directed to everyone. Facebook also makes it easier to connect with your customers through messaging and posts, which can be beneficial for organic growth. Customer reviews are another form of advertising that Facebook can easily facilitate. When customers like your business, they can share about it with their friends, and this becomes free advertising for your company.



Instead of running advertisements on the television or radio, businesses have moved towards advertising on YouTube. This video sharing platform provides a space where your company can still share video ads, like those on T.V., but to a potentially larger audience. Digital video ad spending is expected to grow to 35 billion by 2024. Businesses, like yours, are recognizing that YouTube advertisements can reach a broad audience and can often share more about your business than a standard advertising post. Like Facebook, YouTube also allows you to target your ads to a specific audience. You can pay for non-skippable ads, or opt for skippable ads which give you about 5 seconds before a viewer could skip your ad.



If your target audience is younger or your business can be best advertised visually, Instagram is a solid advertising option. Because Facebook owns Instagram, you will have many of the same capabilities on both platforms. However, it is much easier for new customers to stumble upon your business’ profile because of the nature of the platform. On Instagram, advertisements look very similar to regular posts, which helps you to grab your audience’s attention without going out of your way. You can also launch ad campaigns on traditional posts, as well as in the stories or reels feature, making Instagram a versatile option.


Whatever platform you end up choosing for your business, make sure that you take advantage of all tools and benefits available to you. Social media will continue to help your business expand in ways you could have never imagined. All you need to do is launch an ad and watch your exposure grow.

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