Start Using Click funnels In 2020 - The Ultimate Check List
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Start Using Click funnels In 2020 – The Ultimate Check List

In this article Start Using Click funnels  In   2020 –  The Ultimate  Check List I share with you my strategies for building amazing click funnels sale pages and landing pages. I have over 3 years of experience using click funnels and over the years I have put together a list of basic configuration steps ( don’t worry their easy to follow ) that one must set up when they first start using click funnels.  Keep reading  below for the  check list

Try ClickFunnels – 14 Day Free Trial

Clickfunnels basics – The Number 1 best internet marketing tool for 2020

Lets firstly breakdown what is clickfunnels? In the big scheme of things clickfunnels is  a website building tool but really it is much much more then that

Click funnels Top features -New For 2020

  • Amazing customer service and support if you need help
  • Drag and drop web page builder
  • Capture leads and build webforms
  • Easy , no prior tech experience needed
  • Professional and clean looking sale funnels & pages
  • Loads of templates to use – just upload your own content
  • Marketing automation & email marketing
  • Payment processing options (paypall – stripe integrations)
  • Training

Start Using Click funnels  In   2020 –  The Ultimate  Check List

The Checklist to using clickfunnels in 2020 follows below.

Set up an account –

Log in a create your account you can get a 14 day free trial by clicking -> click funnels free trial.

Set Up Domain

You have many many options to setting up a domain, lucky within clickfunnels they can configuered with many platforms. Below is a link to bluehost where may purchase a domain.

In short you will need to point your “cname “ to your click funnels page.  Depending on your webhost company provider depends on where and how you can edit your back end Cname. However like a side with in click funnels you can find all this info.

Get a domain name with bluehost –

Have a product to sell

The next step is to set up your product or offer you sell. This is strait forward to some. However if you dont not have a product to sell follow this link – affiliate marketing supper affiliate free training  with in this training I show you how to find products to sell along side how to market and get the traffic you need to be successful.

Upload content

Upload your content to your landing page. I have a video below showing you how this is done.

Set up auto responder

All right lucky for you click funnels is compatible with many various auto responders. Email marketing is one of the best forms of online marketing.  I use a tool called market hero. However click funnels has many many options and how to guides if needed. I also share with you how to do this in the below video  Below is a list of the some sample auto responders

  • Markethero-soon to be hyros
  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • Icontact
  • Getresponse
  • Constant contact

 In this short video I go over How To Start Using Clickfunnels and I share with you  My 2020 Check List when I build out clickfunnel pages.

This video is a broad overview on the things you must have when setting up click funnels for the first time. I hope you enjoyed this short video – How To Start Using Click funnels – My 2020 Check List.

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Start Using Click funnels  In   2020 –  The Ultimate  Check List

Click funnles check list

  • Set up an account
  • Have a domain name
  • Have a product to sell
  • Upload content
  • Set up auto responder
  • Drive traffic then optimize

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