Talking points – Google Mobile phone First Indexing

Talking points – Google Mobile phone First Indexing

HI falks, Google is at it yet again with some more changes. SO what’s on the menu for today’s article? How about googles first mobile indexing feature . Yes that’s correct google is gearing up for launching what they are calling mobile first indexing.Talking points - Google Mobile phone First Indexing

As of yet there is not much information on how all of this will work. As we know it google loves to keep its algorithms, and how they index websites, and believe me when I say that mobile first indexing will most likely be the same. However I want to create this short post to inform my readers about this potential profitability Serps ranking. Below is what you need to know about googles mobile first indexing.

Within a few short months google will be launching this service, and as it seems, google is encouraging webmasters to get ready. Below I break down a published article from google in regards to setting up your correct website.

Googles steps For M-dot responsive websites.

  1. Get your responsive site ready.
  2. Configure 301 redirects on the old mobile URLs to point to the responsive versions (the new pages). These redirects need to be done on a per-URL basis, individually from each mobile URL to the responsive URL.
  3. Remove any mobile-URL specific configuration your site might have, such as conditional redirects or a Vary HTTP header.
  4. As a good practice, set up rel=canonical on the responsive URLs pointing to themselves (self-referential canonicals).

Now fulks, clearly this is one of my shorter posts but I wanted to get this up, so you,  my readers can get ahead of  the pack  and prepare for mobile website rankings.

Thanks for reading.

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