Talking SEO Principles – My Key Thoughts

OH golly, the SEO Principles, my key thoughts is focused around a few main pointers. Firstly Keywords, secondly are backlinks, and I also discuss other top SEOTalking SEO Principles – My Key Thoughts Principles that many Online Marketers talk about, study, and constantly worry about.

As Online marketers, our goal is to provide high level quality content and services for our readers, and we are constantly honing our online skills to in-hence our products and services. You see as online entrepreneurs we need to juggle between getting high rankings in the search engines along with giving our readers and followers the services and products they need. In this article I discuss my thoughts on different aspects of SEO techniques, and different steps we can take to get better rankings and be found in the search engines.


Keywords – Over Rated Or The Key To Success ?

Keywords are the start and finish of any Online content marketing is essential for us to understand the words people are using to find the information they need. we need to keep in mind that if you are stuck and in a rut on how to start, think about the core concepts of your business, and services and branch out from there.

Internet Marketers use what is known as Keyword research tools, that help them understand what potential customers are searching for, what Key world terms competitors are using, and help you get an advantage in getting better SEO rankings. The down side of keywords is that to many marketers use a technique called keyword stuffing, and this method will only hurt your business as of 2017.If you come across any site or service that says that keyword stuffing is a great technique for SEO run for the Hills.

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Tips For Keyword Research

  • Use JAAXY Keyword tool
  • Try to enable Long term keywords ( 5 to 10 terms)
  • Don’t over stuff your blog postings and articles ( known as Keyword Stuffing )  / use your keyword term roughly 3 to 5 times in the post
  • Target one keyword term – and spin that keyword term multipole times to create multipole content & posts.
  • Test & test than analyze &  test –  rinse and repeat. Keep writing and testing different terms on different formats.






Back Linking and Links – Not All Links Are Created Equal !

Back Links are incoming Hyperlinks from one website to another. In simpler terms people link to your website because they find your content valuable and worth connecting to. The key to Backlinking is relationships, and high quality content. The trouble with this , is the fact that Backlinking strategy’s take a long time, can be very hard to acquire the links and the search engines factor your back links as a huge factor in your SEO rankings. When your working on building back links keep the following tips in mind, and do some google searching for this.

Some Backlinking Strategy terms

  • Linkbaiting
  • PBNs ( Private Blog Networks)
  • Anchor Text
  • Leave Blog Comments on high Page ranking niche blogs ( Best of Type Blogs)
  • Link Roundups
  • Citations
  • Social Links ( Facebook – tweeter- google+ etc)
  • EMD ( exact Match Domain)



User experience / Upload times

New to the world of SEO, is the upload times for your websites. You see search engines like google are starting to factor user experience into the equation more and more. In 2017 it is so important that your website is user friendly and has fast upload times. Another key factor is the use ability and flow of your webpages. Are your web pages easy to find, do your tabs have a clear and appropriate  look to them, are they located in the correct place. Also you may want to think about proper disclaimer and about me pages. Google likes that sort of stuff as well.



Another new feature for 2017 in the world of  SEO Principles is the amount of  interaction on your website and social media profiles. These days the search engines want to make sure they are providing value to the users who are on the platforms. We as on line marketers need to keep in mind to encourage our readers to leave comments, and talk about their experiences. Don’t fear this, its key to have discuss on your pages, and to respond to these comments. Google loves when they see this type of interaction happening on your sites.


The above tips for SEO Principles is only the tip of the ice berg, when it comes to rankings in the search engines, we as marketers need to be patient, true to our readers, consentient, and also be able to change and move with the tides. Guys keep writing and creating great content for your readers and I hope this tid bit of info helps you get your sights ranked.

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