The Dying Art Of SEO Techniques – My Top 4 Reasons

The Dying Art Of SEO Techniques – My Top 4 Reasons

SEO techniques are not dying; however the way people consume information and search for products on line is changing. The reason Many SEO experts think SEO is dying, is the simple fact that they do not want to change their own personal marketing techniques that have been working consistent for the past 15-20 years or so.

Most SEO experts are still hung up on paid advertising, article marketing, and many forms of keyword stuffing. Now article marketing, paid advertising, and keyword placement are essential to your online business and page rankings, but the search engines are utilizing social share numbers as a priority and users are starting to have more say in what they want to see, and consume on line. Below I breakdown Some key Pointers on why online marketers think SEO techniques are dying, and what we can (as Online marketers)   do to change with the times.

Reason 1 – Social Media Sharing and connecting.

Trust You see the invention of social media, has put the power back into the consumer’s hands. Long Long time ago people where trusting google, yahoo, and other giant search engines. Sense the addition of social media platforms, it has enabled people to social proof the things they like and what they want to consume.

Social proof has becoming a major player / driving factor in consumer good purchasing. There is no grey line to cross for this. The people consuming your products will let you know very quickly if they like your product or services. Now google will always be a great resource for learning, finding, researching and purchasing goods, but these giant search engines platforms are not the only location people can find and consume your excellent products. Fellow Online internet marketers, social media marketing platforms are here to stay I subject that  we all learn how to better service our consumers on these platforms if  we want our ecommerce business to  grow.

What can we do as marketers to be ahead of this Social media curve.

  • Create social media profiles IE – Facebook Fan page.
  • Use social media to engage your customers
  • Recreate the content that people like and share, and discard the content people don’t like
  • Don’t always try to sell on social media, create content and engage with your customers, then link out to your sales / landing pages
  • Be patient, social media marketing techniques take time, and a willing ness to adapt to what your consumers want. If done right though, social media marketing can have huge benefits for your brand.


Reason 2    Organic search is not reaching the masses

A few short years ago internet marketers would use SEO techniques to rank High in the search engines. Having high organic rankings with google, yahoo, and bing was the greatest piece of real-estate, and everyone under the sun with an eCommerce web site was competing for these top rankings.

Why? Because if you ranked high for a specific term, than you can then sell your products and rake in a lot of money very easily once you reached a sorting “ Page Rank”. Now this was the bread and butter for companies, and the brands that are able to do this correctly made millions.

One major issue in today’s SEO techniques, is the simple fact that being high in the search engines is not enough anymore and does not guarantee you sales. People are able to research your goods and compare your brand with others with relatively ease. Now SEO and high page rankings are still a factor in decision making when consumers consume goods, it just does not have the same reach as it once did, do to social media, local rankings, and the use of mobile devices.

What can we do about this.

Nothing, keep utilizing your great SEO techniques and get those high rankings. I would advise to double check if your web site is mobile friendly, and that you have your social media accounts set up correctly, and that your site is extremely user/ people friendly with a lot of interaction taking place.


Reason #3 – Mobile web browsing

I don’t need to dive deep into this subject. The next time you are in a popular, public place, just look around people are attached to their phones, sharing content on social media, and purchasing goods. There are way to many e commerce sites that are not mobile friendly, and the users will turn away from your website if it is not mobile friendly, no matter what your search engine rankings are.

How can we better position our sites so that they are mobile friendly?

Using website testing tools, like WOMP Mobile to test and see if your site is mobile friendly, and adjust. This process needs to be tested and reworked consistently. Also word press has a feature for Mobile Optimization, where word press will convert your site to mobile friendliness almost automatically.

Reason #4 – Confusing Paid Adds over organic listings.

People in general are getting really sick of adds. Online adds are all over the place, and people are starting to get sick of them. And who can blame them most adds are annoying, and do not provide the information that people are looking for. An issue with this is the fact that add platforms try very hard to blend in with the content around them, and it is starting to confuse the masses, and lead them to websites they do not want to see, and read. I’m not trying to say that advertising does not have a place in the world of internet marketing , and advertisements are a great way to get your vision out and broad cast it to the world.

How To fix This Online marketing issue

Create high engaging adds. As marketers, it is our job to entertain our readers and followers. We need to create highly targeted adds that are truthful and appealing to the consumers. Facebook advertising is starting to lead the way in this issue. They understand, and will reward online marketers with more views if they create great adds. You see facebook is putting their users first not the marketers, but Facebook does a great job with reporting and targeting adds to the correct consumers, and if you can create high engaging adds that the masses want than face book will reward you and your eCommerce business. If you are un familiar with facebook adds, then I would start learning and researching the potential of Facebook adds, it is a really great service.

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Final Thoughts

Plain and simple SEO techniques are not dead. It is essential for your business to rank well, and be assessable and easy to find for your online consumers. The face and how people research and consume your content is changing however, and it is our job as  Internet marketers to bring great content and change with the  tides, and give our valued customers high quality content no matter what platform they are on.

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