The Fastest Way To Grow Your Email List To Over 100 Subs IN 2020
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The Fastest Way To Grow Your Email List To Over 100 Subs IN 2020

This post is regarding strategies in growing your email list subs in 2020. In my mind the below article goes over the fastest way to grow your email list subs heading into 2020. In fact I go over my strategy that has allowed me  to grow my email list over 100 subs with in 3 to 5 days. Now if you follow the below strategies, I can’t guarantee the same results, I am just explaining how I went about growing my email list subs.

The basics – what you need

It all comes down to a few things you must have in place first. Lets discuss the core essentials for growing your list.

Level 1

  • Having products & services
  • Having landing page software & email marketing auto responder tools
  • Website traffic  

Level 2

  • Building out your lead magnet and offers
  • Knowing your clients needs and what platforms they use the most
  • More website traffic
  • Tracking /analyzing / adjusting / analytics

Level 3 ( not relay growth steps but client nurturing and following up)

  • The follow up
  • The sale funnels
  • The content and adding more  value ( the bigger picture )

The Break Down For Growing Your Email List In 2020

Its simple, you will need to know your industry / nich and what problems they are having. Once you understand this, then you will need  to devise a solid offer. This offer needs to be a big deal and full of value. In the internet marketing industry we call this a lead magnet and it usually takes the form of a free training course, or free marketing report.  This needs to be built out first, and it may take a few times / tweaks to get your offer down correctly.

 you will need specific marketing tools to configure this out correctly. The tools I am talking about is a website or landing page software. ( List of tools & resources below )  And an email marketing autoresponder tool that will enable you to collect emails and send out follow up emails with the content your leads sing up for automatically.

Once you have this figured out the next steps is to run qualified website traffic to your lead magnet. And analyze your leads. IE figure out what content they are trying to sing up for, what emails your leads are reading, and products and offers they maybe buying.

The above breakdown for The Fastest Way To Grow Your Email List To Over 100 Subs IN 2020 is kinda an over picture of how this whole email marketing – sale funnel things work. Now let me get into the  deeper portions for growing your email list in 2020.

The Core Strategies To Growing Your Email List Past 100 Subs In 2020

Step 1 – create offer and follow up sequence

Use marketing tools to set this up and automate this process. I use a tool called click funnels, and market hero ( more on that below ). After setting this up you will need to test results.

Step 2- the sale funnels

After you build out your landing page and offers, you will need to be able to grant your client access to the products/info hence email marketing.  

Step 3 – Getting traffic

Ok getting traffic to your leads. Depending on your nich depends on the best traffic methods. For instance you have 3 core traffic options.

  1. Free postings – blogging SEO, walk in traffic for brick n motor business
  2. Pay per click – bing-google-solo ads
  3. Social media – facebook – youtube – twitter – linkedin – (etc)

The  secret sauce to growing your list is in your traffic  and quality of lead magnet. The two needs to match up or your leads will not sign up and your list will not grow. I have a ton of free content on traffic generation strategies on this site and I will leave a list of resources below for you to take a look at.

Step 4 – the growth

Once the above three strategies are in place you need to run testing for results. Once you find the right combo of lead magnet and traffic sources then double down on that first to grow your leads, then come up with a second offer, that you can combine and then you can start filtering your leads thru different services and products that will benefit your clients. And I mean guys that is it. On this website I have a boat load of  free info for digital marketing. So just search around, or comment below and I would love to answer your question.

How I Grew My Email List To Over A 100 Subs In Under 5 Days In 2020

The first step I did was set up my sales pages, lead magnets, and follow up sequencing. Once that was in place I ran solo ads to my lead magnet, and boom that is how I got over 100 subs in under 5 days. It sounds simple, how ever it took me roughly 7 tries to find the correct platform which for me was solo ads, combined with the right offer.

My friends theirs no magic bullet, every business needs to go thru a trial and error process. How ever you will never get the success you need if you don’t try test, and tweak your campaigns. I hope this article gave you some industry internet marketing insights, and please leave me a comment below if you have any questions.

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