The ABCs Of Internet marketing

The ABCs of Internet marketing is a quick Bullet point break down of what I think are the best methods,tools and systems you need to have in place to make The ABCs of internet marketing money online, have a successful website that engages , and bring value to our readers. Remember that as bloggers, website, and business owners our goal is to give value first,and worry about the sales later.

The below breakdown of my ABCs of internet marketing is a quick look at the basics, the must haves, and the components of a successful website / online business .

The Key-Notes for The ABCs Of Internet Marketing Article

Professionalism – Now  this subject breaks down to many different things. The key take away in this highlight is to make sure you are talking professionally and not down grading / harassing/ and making inappropriate  jokes in your articles, and written content like comments and videos. Now there is some wiggle room here, but remember your building a business so keep it classy folks. Also you want to keep in mind, that if you say you are going to do something, IE do work for a potential client, you do so. No scamming guys , juts strait up hard work.

The Website – Oh the website long gone has the early days if internet marketing where knowing HTML code and being very tech savvy would make or break your website. Now having HTML skills is very important, but in-today’s market where you can buy high quality templates, and software like Squarespace that allows you to drag and drop almost any and all features in the design of your web site knowing HTML code is not essential to your internet business.Now your business needs other things in your website, that i will breakdown later in this article.

SocialMedia – Yes online internet marketing entrepreneurs I am talking to you , SocialMedia Marketing is a huge part of running a successful business online. Social media helps with page rankings on google, and bing, and using social media to build a reputation and collect leads is a must have. When using social media, think branding not sales. If the branding is done correctly on Social media then the sales will start flowing in.  the below two pointers are keys for Social Media Profiles.

  1.         Make  Business / Fan-pages for your business ( not Personal accounts )
  2.         Post regularly and respond to peoples comments and questions regularly

Lead Generation – We must have a system in place to collect peoples information if they are interested in our services and or products. IE email sign ups, collecting phone numbers. think of a contact page. The lead generation system must be foolproof , all business need a great lead generation system in place. One great software is called click funnels, now I personally have not tried it yet, but i want to and the software looks amazing. others may buy leads or higher an out side company  to make cold calls/ and close out sales on the phone.

People buy From People They Trust – Fellow marketers, this is key, remember to find your message and keep to it.  SO how do we get people to trust us, well firstly be honest, write reviews of products you truly  used, respond to peoples questions, and post regularly. Stay away from spammy style emails, and try your hardest to be reliable and honest to your readers.

The above subjects is a quick list I all ways  keep in mind while i am building my brand and writing content for my sites. I also try to focus and put my feet  in my readers shoes, I am truly trying and creating content that will truly help my readers and followers.


The Marketing – What You Need to Be doing / What you need to focus on 

Link Building – Now link build breaks down in-to different categories. 1) in bound Back-linking and  2)  out bound Back linking. inbound linking is when you link to other pages and content with in your own web site. Out bound Linking is when other ( not your Website) links to your website. There is a lot that goes into link building, and it is very important  for your websites rankings. so if you haven’t started link building. you need to.My best advice to getting started on link building campaigns is to do a search in google, like how to start link building for my website. and try out one of the services you find

SEO ( search Engines Optimization) Get your site ranked at the top of google and bing. SEO techniques  comes in all shapes and forms and can take alot of time to optimized correctly. Now SEO is a key component and their are a lot of techniques included, some methods include, Keyword research, back/inbound linking, analytical  research, changing and adjusting to the ranking rules, content creation around keyword research , and link building techniques. Another issue with SEO is that it takes a lot of time, and results vary.

Content Creation –  Content is king,  a great rule of thumb is to create content on a regular basis, that is informal and helpful to your readers.Start to figure out what vehicle you are great at, do you like blogging and writing, are you great at creating videos, are you a talker and like to run podcasts. the key take away is to create content and keep creating content, then after a few months / weeks start monetizing what pieces of content that is gaining the most attention, and double down on that style of content. A big part of creating content is to  sometimes throw crap on the wall and see what sticks. then  use  what works and double down on that.

Lead Generation / Email Marketing –  Many professional marketers will tell you that the money is in the list. a big reason why email marketing is  important is because you can re-market products to your list, and communicate  to your customers about all your great offers and products.If you do not have a email marketing campaign in place, then you are hurting your business in the long term and short term.

Paid Advertising – Also  known as PPC  or ad copy. PPC is an essential part of your marketing campaign. It can catapult your business to all sort of high profits when done correctly. One main thing to keep in mind is , you will want to juggle paid advertising along side SEO techniques. when this theory is  done correctly then your profits will rely grow and scaling your business will be easy and streamed lined. Also you will want to combine lead gen techniques alongside paid advertising, that way you can re-market your services to your potential customers.

Customer relationships – Great business put their customers, and clients first. now this is done by creating great content and services, replying to customers questions and concerns, giving customers what they want and need. Now in my mind, the easiest way to do this is thru social media. let your current customers share their experiences with your products, on social media. Also social media gives you a great opportunity to address any concerns quickly and fast.


A quick look at some of the Online Marketing Tools I Use to manage and build online business and money making  websites

  • WordPress / SquareSpace – in short theses are website building platforms that allow you  to build, manage and manipulate  your site with out using any HTML coding.
  • Google Analytics – testing , reporting, and studies is what you  will get with google analytics
  • Google webmaster tools – site maps, and other features that will help google scan your website and let google know you  are on line .
  • Keyword tools – keyword tools help you decide what niches to chase, and what words to use for your content
  • PageSpeed – This is a google service tool that will let you know how fast your website loads up which is key for user experience and seo principles. it will also give you reports and tips on how to make your site faster and more user friendly.

the above information  in The ABCs Of Internet marketing article  is a quick over view that may help you with your online business. Now the subjects discussed above are a broad look at my everyday theory, process,and tools i use to manage this website and it is what i call my ABCs of Internet marketing. now these subjects breakdown way further then what is above, but at least the above information will get the gears in your brain turning, and will help push you in the right direction.

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