Three Main Internet Marketing Concepts  In 2018

Looking forward to the land scape of internet marketing in 2018, we may need to view the past two years and analyze some key changes and internet marketing Three Main Internet Marketing Concepts  In 2018 techniques, in order to judge where the internet marketing landscape will be in 2018 . Now one of the coolest things about internet marketing, and technology is two simple facts. Firstly technology is always changing, and how people interact with brands on line is constantly revolving, thus making an internet marketers job fun and exciting.

Secondly technology makes it easier for brands to market, and customers to consume different aspects/ services from those brands. Win win for both parties. So what’s next in the world of internet marketing? Keep reading to see my thoughts, on this up and coming year of internet marketing.

The  Top Marketing principles / platforms    

Social Media Marketing

Fellow marketers it is not 2009 anymore, and social media marketing is here to stay.  80% of the traffic I receive to this blog, come from social media IE – google+ – facebook- and youtube. Social media marketing Is the newest platform that business are utilizing to market and engage customers. Why social media? see the below bullet points

  • Branding – get known and seen
  • Real time analytics – super accurate stats
  • Mobile uses – everyone is on their mobile phones, and are on social media platforms.
  • Customer engagement and interactive actions – customers have a chance to feel as if they are part of your brand by giving feed back and showing off your products
  • Instant messages, and support
  • Super targeting customers

Email Marketing

If you have ben in the online marketing world for more than a few years, then you realize that, to be successful, you need to have, and be constantly building on your email list subscriptions. Below is what you need for email marketing.

  • Landing page & Lead magnets
  • Auto responders
  • Email templets & utilizing call to action with in your emails


Google, Bing , facebook ads

Oh yes the paid per click ad platforms, is one of the fastest (Not easiest ) ways to grow a business. The problem I see a lot with this feature is the fact that people are not doing the proper targeting while creating these ads, thus lousing money. The second effect is the simple fact that in most niches these ad platforms are flooded, and the costs per clicks are so high.


SEO ( Search engine Optimization )

The google rankings, SEO is a series of techniques that allow a business to rank number one in google. The issue is do to so much competition, that it can take several months to rank well, and the ranking algorithms change a lot. SEO campaigns are a must have, but it is not a set in stone, set and forget technique. You need to constantly adapt and updating your SEO techniques.


    Three Main Internet Marketing Concepts  In 2018


  Interactive Advertising – ( Engagement or Immersive ads )

Long story short, Interactive advertising utilizes features like VR,AR( Augmented reality) the goal of these style ads is for mobile uses, and get the customer more engaged with the add, and give the customer more information rather then boring banner adds that link back to a sales page or website.  Some experts say that interactive ads are the future.


Mobile Marketing

Your website needs to be mobile optimized in 2018. Most consumers are utilizing mobile experience to judge brands, and purchase their favorite products. In many website management platforms, you have a configuration option to set as Mobile friendly. This option helps your website be mobile ready, upload speed times will be better along side correct formatting for photos and subscriptions forms. Your website must be mobile ready in 2018.


IOT ( Internet Of Things ) Marketing for applications

This is regarding the world of IOT. Now a days everything is connected to the internet, and pretty soon advertisers will start utilizing this by integrating personalization adds, that could possibly walk the customer thru the buying process. This feature could also be used for restacking house hold needs, for instance informing you that you need more milk in your fridge, and what store in your area has the best sale on that bottle of milk. This is the future of advertising as more and more things get connected to the internet, business will have more and more options to market to these consumers.


Final thoughts For  My Three Main Internet Marketing Concepts  In 2018

Now I am no nastradoomus, and I cannot predict the future, but in my experience and thru trial and errors , I am starting to notice some neat trends on the tail side of 2017, while heading into the 2018 internet marketing year. You see every year there are changes to the marketing landscape, some hold true, and some are just ideas, but as marketers and business owners it is essential that we stay on top of all that is new, old, and maybe well just theory’s. Hopefully the above article has helped you learn some neat internet marketing concepts, and I started the brainstorming process for your business before the start of 2018. Good luck, and keep pushing.


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