Top 3 Keyword Research Tips To Grow Your Business

Top 3 Keyword Research Tips To Grow Your BusinessTop 3 Keyword research Tips To Grow Your Business

Keyword research is the beginning and end to all internet marketing campaigns. Keyword research is like the gasoline for your website. Potential customers use keywords to find your website, the google / Bing bots use keyword analytics to rank your site, and most internet marketing professionals use keyword analytics to study / spy on potential and current competition.

Now the catch is the fact that not all Marketers and website managers use keywords correctly, and if you are currently stuck in a rot, new to internet marketing, or starting a new online marketing campaign , don’t freight because I break down below my Top 3 Keyword research tips to grow your business.

Top Keyword Research Tip #1 – Testing / Split Testing keywords

We need to think about testing, and split testing your keywords. The reason for this is so that we can compare successful campaigns and keyword to none successful campaigns. Now we must also think about the landing pages, and what our marketing goals may be. Some campaigns will have the goal to make sales, other marketing campaigns to build an email list. Also you will want to match up successful landing pages, with product specific keywords.

Top Keyword Research Tip #2 –  Long Tail Keywords

Sometimes the best keywords to use are the longtail keywords. Now most keyword research tools on the market today do not offer longtail keyword research tool options, but you can easily mix and match different terms. You see when it comes to keywords and successful online marketing campaigns most of the time the difference is in the long tail keywords, and how the terms relate to your product, articles, and landing pages.

Top Keyword Research Tip #3- Don’t Chase The Big Fish

SO many Internet marketers make the mistake of chasing all the high trafficked keywords. These types of keywords can be very hard to organically rank for, cost a boat load of cash in the PPC world. And are also very generic.  Yes, it is great to use some of these very popular keywords, and they look very tempting to try and rank for, and yes could be very profitable if ranked correctly for those popular keywords, but it is very time consuming and take a lot of serious time.

What I recommend is maneuvering around those popular keywords with longtail keywords with your main keyword mixed in those longtail keyword. Then after time and once you have some wits about you and understand how to properly research keywords, then you can start to target those popular keywords.



Other Key Tips For Keyword Research

  • Google Suggest – type your keywords in the google search bar, you will see other keywords pop up , ok you can try to rank for those keywords. I call this technique the google Suggestion trick.
  • Use Group Keywords – Set up campaigns with similar keywords and diverse ways of saying those keywords, and link back and forth between the campaigns.
  • Prioritize your Keywords – Spend a handful of time like 30 min a week and put together keyword lists, then prioritize your keywords in a spread sheet, in each column you want things like average  search volume, competition,  cost per click, and others. Then spend some time building content based around those keywords.
  • Track your rankings – analyze your page rankings, and monetize your PPC campaigns.
  • Try to study and learn Traffic potential – Keyword research is a science. Yes there are techniques and metrics you need to follow, but the market and industry change regularly and you must be able to adjust with those changes. Understanding the keyword potential can be tough but with experience and testing you will be able to shortly figure it out.
  • Don’t sweat it – Test it and rework the marketing campaign. After testing you will soon figure out what works for your website and business.


Final Thoughts for This Top 3 Keyword research Tips To Grow Your Business  Article

In today’s internet marketing industry, there are many Keyword research tools that you may use to diagnose and find profitable keywords. I don’t want you to get stuck on thinking on which keyword tool is the best, I want you to focus on the theory, principle, and techniques behind doing proper Keyword research. I hope this basic look into keyword research helps get you started with doing keyword research correctly.


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