Top 3 Social Media Marketing Services – The Who’s What’s & Whys

It is now 2017, and social media and social media platforms are a big part in everyday life. Not just for people looking for something to do and entertain themselves, but for business, sports athletes and celebrities are all using social media for assorted reasons. If you are a business owner, then your business must have a social media presence, and here’s why.

When people are searching, and considering your business or service, they Social media marketing – The Who’s What’s & Whys may first google search your business, then may also go see various reviews, and then finally check your business out on social media and see what others are saying and or doing in regard to your business. In a nut shell, Social media is started to become the main contact point for business and potential clients, it is extremely important for your business to have a social media presence. Below I break down the top three social media platforms that all business should be utilizing to grow their business.

FaceBook –

  • Founders : Mark Zuckerberg – Eduardo Saverin – Andrew McCollum – Dustin Moskovitz – Chris Hughes
  • Founded : February 4,2004 – Considered as a Social Networking Service


February 4 is known as friend’s day because February 4 is Facebooks birthday, there is close to 1.59 Billion users, and there is a boat load of cool features that keep users engaged while using face book. you see Facebook is the premier king of the castle when it comes to social media platforms.

Key factors for why your business needs a Facebook Profile page

  • Easy to bring direct action to customers
  • Multipole services to engage customers IE videos, emails, responding to comments, and Facebook live
  • Marketing research, by studying followers, likes and facebook shares.
  • Facebook Adds.
  • Has the potential for the main source of website traffic for your business?


Tweeter –

  • Founders: Jack Dorsey –  Noah Glass – Biz Stone- Evan Williams
  • Founded : March 21, 2006 – considered news and social network services

In tweeter users are interacting with each other, and sharing information, thru what is known as a tweet. A tweet is 120 characters, and users that have a tweeter account can leave comments, re-tweet and share their favorite tweets, and ideas. Tweeter has close to 319 million  monthly subscribers , and in 2016 tweeter was known for their breaking news in regards to political tweets and information.


Key Factors Why your business needs a Tweeter  Profile Page


  • Inform the world of your Business news and potential deals for your service
  • Wonderful place for product and service images
  • Great search feature where potential customers can search and find your services
  • Great way to post loads of information and engage with customers
  • Tweeter is mostly used by business, and feature news stories.
  • The feature known as connect tab allows business to reach out to their loyal fans and vice versa

Linked in –

Founders: Reid Hoffman -Allen Blue- Konstantin Guericke – Eric Ly – Jean-Luc Vaillant

Founded : December 28,2002  considered  as a social networking service


Linked in has roughly 106 million users, and is considered as an employment social media service, where potential employees can connect to future employers. Now Linked in is not a place where you should be trying to sell your services and products. Linked In is for business connections and to create a Professional presence. In 2016 Microsoft purchased Linked in and had added some neat features.

Key Factors On Why Your Business Needs a Linked In Profile

·      Professional gallery of work examples, photos, videos and slide share

·      Keywords and a great search algorithms

·      Endorsements with recommendations of knowledge and skills

·      Great source to show off your business to other great business

·      Post high quality information in regards to your business

·      Make excellent connects that have the potential to grow your business and becoming business partners.


Final Thoughts

A Social Media presence is a must have for any business. Now not all social media platforms are for all business, depending on your business, and services will depend on which social media platform you should be using. It is up to you as a business owner to decide which platform is best for you. The three above social media platforms are the most popular ones, but there are very many different types of social networking services, just search around on google.

Please leave me a comment below I love engaging with my readers and followers.

Thanks; Shane

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