Top 4 Rules For Online Entrepreneurship

Online Entrepreneurship, is a fun and exciting process. You see it is very exciting building and creating something that can be profitable, and creative. You see before you can live the .COM Life style you must create and grow a business. It is the thrill and excitement of building something that helps others is my goal. Do whatever it takes, to grow your business, people are so focused on the end you know the “.COM Life style” when truly it is more about the process and journey.

In this blog post I want to share with you some tips and tricks on how to get started and how to keep it moving forward and grow your entrepreneur spirit / business. One key feature is finding great mentors that can teach and show you the way. In my case, I hooked up with a great team known as the wealthy Affiliates. I have learned a lot from these guys, and I want to share with you some of the important things I learned from them, and show you how you can do the same and how wealthy affiliate can change your life.

Rule #1 – Your Own hosted website

A huge factor in the success of your online entrepreneur journey and business, is do to professional looking websites, and or the lack there off. You see having your own domain name that is related to the subject of your site puts you ahead of the pack. Your own Domain name can also help you with your search engines optimization goals. Let’s just say your trying to build a ecommerce site that is selling hockey equipment. A good domain name may look something like

Now at wealthy affiliate you get two free sites right from the start, and some other free tools that will assist you in building and naming your site. There is also step by step break downs on what to do and how to do it.  Click here to get started.

Rule #2 – The Right Mind Set

In WA (wealthy Affiliate) you have access, to high level tools, tips &tricks, mentorships, and a support staff that can catapult your business to the next level. If you lack the determination and or the correct mind set than all the excellent tools, will not allow you to live the .COM life style. You have to be able to see, think, and feel your business grow and have success before it even happens. Staying positive is essential. while managing business there are always setbacks. When you face these set backs are you going to give up or try to find solutions and keep the ball moving toward a successful business. The three step process to the correct mind set in my experience is as follows

  • Passion – enjoy what your doing
  • Correctly thinking – open mindfulness and positivity
  • Taking Action to your thoughts


 Rule#3 – Content Is King

Content, content, content. Creating and generating content is one of the biggest and hardest things in the world of internet marketing to do correctly. A lot of people get caught up in to these push button moneys making quick schemes, and they don’t realize the fact that in order to make money online takes time, and it takes great quality engaging content. Creating quality content on some consistent basses is essential. Now quality content comes in many factors. We have videos, blog postings, pictures, ETC I mean the list goes on and on. Just remember to keep creating content, and posting and sharing.

Rule#4 – Being honest and legally ethical

This breaks down simple, pay your taxes and don’t lie to your readers and potential customers. Remember eCommerce sites are a business, if you make money from your websites, than it is a business, and there is rules that we all need to follow depending on the states you live in and countries.

Final Thoughts

Creating, building, and managing a profitable eCommerce business is hard work, it takes time, determination and the proper mind set. It can be done there are many people who live the .COM life style, you need to have motivation to be successful, that’s the secret. Now the above rules are just my thoughts on a successful business and some of the methodology be hind the concepts and tools. If you want more information and training on creating your own home business, then click now and start today.

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Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment below, I love to engage with my readers.

Thanks ; Shane

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