Want To Make How To Videos? My Key Pointers !

What is a how to video

 Making how to videos is a great way to enhance your websites, gain more visibility, and establish yourself as an expert in your topic. whether you are a business owner, website manager, or content creator, making how to videos can be a great way to make an income working from home.

how to videos can be a simple process but they do create some specific issues / concerns. On the flip side, if a how-to video is created correctly it can drive revenues to your business, and create a lucrative side gig, that will enhance multiple features for your readers, and followers.

Think about it! Pictures can be a great resource for training and education, but videos are the best most comprehensive option to training others on your expertise. the power of the internet has produced the potential to training and teaching any one about anything, from anywhere in the world. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to create videos and teach others in a matter of minutes.  With This article, I break down some key features you must keep in mind while creating how to videos. Enjoy!

Key points to successful How to videos

  • Write a great script / info on your related video describing what the video entails
  • Research on your topic. Is there a potential for profit, are people searching and interested in your topic?
  • Be informal, give as much information to your viewers as possible
  • Speak clearly, calmly, and carefully explain your how to steps.
  • Use good sound / video equipment with no back-ground noise
  • Up load your video to your website, social media accounts, and other video sharing formats.
  • Leave links to direct your viewers to your “Money / monetized websites”
  • Remember to have fun and test the results of your videos.

Watch the Below Video for a great example of a How To Video 

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 How to make money from how to videos


The difference between great tutorials / how to videos and bad ones is preparation. It all boils down to how well you do your homework, knowledge of the topic, and how well your planning goes prior to shooting and recording of your video.

While shooting how to videos, you must start with making a choice of one of the below sound options. Each option holds different pros and cons, and depending on your style of video will depend on the sound option you choose.



  • Dubbed sound – create and record your video. Than replay the video while adding sound content.
  • Natural – just record as is. As you talk and walk thru your training steps record the sound and video simultaneously.
  • Subtitled – words that describe the training steps. Usually on screen words, you tube has an automated option that lets you seamlessly add this feature. The YouTube feature is called Annotation.

While planning for your next how to video, you will need make an out line of steps you are going to take while shooting the video. This helps with strange pausing, and reviewing the same features over and over. You must remember to keep your video moving forward, and teaching your views.

Recording Time

Firstly, there is multipole software you may use to create your videos. I will let you decided which one fits your needs. There is multipole reasons why you would want to choose one or the other, but the market for video creation software is almost limit less with a lot of great products out there. Some great choices are

  • OBS
  • Camtasia
  • Adobe
  • Animoto
  • Windows Media Video

Various software / equipment you may need

  • IPhone / Smart Phone
  • Tripod
  • Mic/headset/speakers
  • Background Imagery
  • Video Camera
  • Camera Light
  • Three Point Lighting Kit
  • Digital Audio Recorder

Final thoughts

The secret to creating appealing how to videos, is the simple fact that there is no secret to building how to videos. There is how ever a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you may way to take a test run, and practice your video walk thru before you shoot your how-to video. Secondly – be informative and thorough. Thirdly – speak clearly, and try to keep out side, back ground noise to a minimum. Finally have fun and test diverse ways to creating How to videos, and keep your viewers in mind. Good luck and keep creating excellent How to Videos.

Watch a great Example of a How To Video Now

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Thanks, Shane

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  1. Hi Grant, I am glad i was able to help inform you better on creating high quality videos. Most of the above Video software services do offer a free trial period. But the services vary, so you may want to serf thru each providers websites, to see which one would be a good fit for your needs. I hope this helps, and thanks for reaching out, good luck and keep creating great content.

  2. A very informative article! I’m pretty shaky on doing videos and this will help me get a bit more organized for the final shoot. Are any of the softwares you listed free or have a free trial?

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