Wealthy affiliate – Honest Review On This Money Making Community

PRODUCT – Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 95 Out Of 100
Price: $0 For Starter Membership

Premium Membership: $49 Month / $359 yearly
Owners: Carson & Kyle
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Who Its For: NoobsExpert online marketers


HI , today I am going to be discussing  and reviewing a money making community called wealthy affiliate. I am going to be giving you my honest opinion of this community. Firstly, I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for more than 6 months, and today I want to break down the community with in wealthy affiliate. Now keep this in mind the below information is not a full review, it is just my key thoughts on the community of wealthy affiliate. For my full wealthy affiliate review check out this.

A Quick overview on my Wealthy Affiliate Community review

  • The community – who, what, and the Whys
  • Is there a Tech Support team?
  • Video training, and how to articles
  • Forum interaction and public communications
  • Private messaging and Mentorship training with the owners
  • How to get started


The community

Firstly let me talk about and give a high level over view of the community and the people who make up the wealthy Affiliate community. Firstly the founders of wealthy affiliate are constantly engaging and working towards answering users questions, and making the platform better, safer in a productive manner, where people can communicate with each other and share ideas .

The number of users with in the community change very frequently, but believe me when I say that there are hundreds of people with all different experiences from beginners, to experts, in all sorts of industries, and countries. Roughly 800,000 people are part of the wealthy affiliate community, so there is always someone talking and engaging on the platform.

Community Features

  • Messaging private – when you sign up to wealthy affiliate you then have the ability to private message people, ask them business questions, or give feedback to people who need your assistance
  • Comments- you see wealthy affiliate is built on user engagement with training and support in the fore-fronts. The secrets to success with in wealthy affiliate is to ask questions, and engage in the comments section. After every training video, or article there is a feature where you can leave comments, and discuss any concerns in regard to the training. this is key because you can get extra help from like-minded people, and on line entrepreneurs.
  • Forums – discussions discussions, In WA there is an open section where you can start discussions based on your own questions, help answer other people’s questions, and talk about marketing concepts and problems. WA is truly built for online entrepreneurs and people who want to grow  online business

Have A Question? Just ask the WA Help Desk Team!

The Help desk team with in WA is excellent, they work 24-7 and will answer any question in a very timely manner. There is not much to say on this, the help desk team at WA is top notch and truly care about the community and will assist you with any question you have, in a very fast  professional manor.


Training with in WA

The gold mine, please see my full wealthy affiliate review for information on the training. However, I do want to discuss the communication that takes place in the class rooms. My friends there is just so much discussions taking place in WA, if you watch a video and your confused on a section, scroll thru and see the discussion boards, there is so much support and people responding with their experiences and tips. You will never be left in the dark at WA.


Comments / Forums

I have already touched base on this above, you see there is just so much support and communication going on in the wealthy affiliate platform. The discussions revolve around all things internet marketing, and online business entrepreneur ships.

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Final thoughts.

Wealth affiliate is the best source for online business training. It is not a get rich quick scheme. In WA you truly learn the key components to successful online business. I hope the above info give you some great insights into the community at Wealthy affiliate. Please leave me any questions or concerns below in the comments section. I would love to hear from you.

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