Website Testing Jobs! What Are They?

My Break down of Website Testing Jobs

Website testing, is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s booming online economy. It is extremely important for any business to have an online presence no matter what industry or service the businWebsite testing Jobs! What Are They?es sells. Website testers and or website usability testers stand strong as a great way for freelancers to make real income working from home, do to more and more business utilizing the internet to sell products and interact with potential clients.

Website testing jobs are fun and can be very rewarding. The normal work day may consist of doing different tasks in regards to the usability for a company’s website. Freelance website testers may be tasked with watching videos and reporting back on their findings and experiences. The
company then adjusts do to different results and findings. Most of the time there is no major constraints, or pressing matters that need to be addressed. Freelance website testers are most of the time free to test and navigate through the website and then report back, depending on the needs of the business and the freelancer’s clients wants.

Mostly a website tester does not need any fancy computer training, special skill, and most of the time no experience. A website tester however will need the following 5 things.

  • Access to high speed internet and reliable power source
  • Computer with updated software and is in good working condition
  • Possibly other equipment (IE -webcam-microphone-other devices)
  • Creativity / professionalism
  • Honest on website experience
  • Open minded / nonjudgmental of specific industries.

The main duty of a website tester is to test the usability of any giving website and share their experience to the website owners. You see being a website owner, high on the priority list is the users experience, and it is a key factor to a business online success.

Website testing freelance opportunities can make a great way for people to create income working from home. If you are interested in other was you could work from home today and make real money, then visit HERE.

Also, if you have any questions, concerns and experience with freelance website testing jobs, than please shoot me a comment below, so I can interact with you.


Thanks , Shane

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