What Causes High Turnover Rates in Businesses?

In order to run a successful business, you need a good team on board that cares about and agrees with your mission. Not only is it important to find the right talent, but it is also ideal to retain employees with your company. A high turnover rate will create a bad reputation for your business. This reputation could discourage future talent from applying and interviewing for a job. If you’re concerned about a potentially high turnover rate, let’s look at what causes these high turnover rates in businesses. There are some minor changes you can make to help decrease your turnover numbers each year.


It’s unfortunate, but true, that a lot of turnover rates are high because of bad management. It’s important to have managers on board who care about their staff. Employees tend to be very dissatisfied with management that micromanages, controls them and watches their every move. Some companies don’t provide regular feedback from management to employees, which can lead to poor performance and unhappy employees.

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Company Culture

The overall work environment, ethics, mission and goals of a business are what contribute to the overall company culture. The turnover rate can creep up when a company isn’t showing their integrity. Keep in mind, however, that a change in company culture may lead to those who stuck with the company to leave. If changes need to be made, they should be integrated gradually. Ideally, inform employees in advance before implementing changes so that they’ll know what to expect.

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While pay is quite important to employees, the additional benefits that you offer can make a big difference in their level of satisfaction with their jobs. These benefits include things like 401K, health benefits, dental coverage, vision coverage, and free parking. There are professionals who are willing to make less money at a job that provides more benefits. A company that doesn’t bother to offer a variety of benefits to its staff doesn’t stand out as caring much about the people who are working for them.

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When an employee is evaluating their current career, there are many things that will stand out. In order for turnover rates to remain low, a company needs to ensure that its staff is happy. This can be provided by way of satisfactory pay, better management, training opportunities, benefits and an overall supportive culture in the office. Making these things a priority will also help boost the reputation of a company, and other people will want to come on board.

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