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Internet marketing is one of the best ways that you can engage with your customers. You can advertise at a lower cost than traditional methods such as newspaper ads or television. In addition, Internet marketing allows you to target a specific audience and track results.

However, you must make sure that you are following proper techniques to ensure that your users come to your site or download your app because they want something or because your particular method of advertising was effective. This can be done by utilizing web design and persuasive techniques.


When someone lands on your site, they should immediately understand what you offer and what you do. You can do this by clarifying your message by using pictures and short phrases.

If you put yourself into the shoes of someone who has never been to your site and they land on your homepage, will they immediately understand what your company offers? If you don’t have a clear and concise message and a fluid design, too many clicks will lead them to become frustrated, and they won’t be converted to customers.

It should be easy for your visitors to find what they want when they are on your site. If you analyze each page, are there any messages or pictures that don’t add to the overall clarity? Think about removing any ambiguous terms if it will make it easier to persuade your visitors to purchase your product or service.

Using Visuals

The technique of letting images portray your message is a great way to persuade a new or existing customer to make a purchase. Of course, you will need to have words, but it’s very important to have pictures that show what your product or service does.

What is the first impression that you get when you visit the homepage of your site? Will a visitor immediately understand your brand and continue to click through to a sales page?

Having clear images can help focus the attention of visitors and make your site much more appealing. Having too much text and a lack of photos will probably hurt your sales.

You may want to have a clear, simple layout that only features one large image. By using this type of picture, it forces you to choose words that benefit your customers.

Include A Design Hierarchy

By including images on your website, you are prioritizing certain services or products. The size of the image that you use is important. If you have a number of images, you will want to complete a hierarchy.

For example, if you own an e-commerce site, you should place your top-selling products at the top of the page and make their image size larger. This helps grab the attention of a visitor.

If you look at your website right now, are your most important images the largest? How about your messages? Do you have a blank wall of text or do you have a short, clear message that is big, bold and clearly conveys your message? This can be combined with text, but it is important to grab a reader’s attention.

Limiting Choices

It doesn’t matter if you have a business that just sells a few products or if you have thousands of items in your inventory. It’s important to limit the choices that you offer your visitors.

Be selective when you highlight any of your products. When a visitor has too many choices, it may lower their chances of making a choice at all. You may want to highlight products that are your top sellers or are ones that give you the best profit margins. Place images of these as focal points on your website. You can let the other items be found by having a search feature.

Emphasize Only One Call To Action

Many businesses fail to emphasize just one or two CTAs at a time. If you try to lead your visitors to too many places, too many clicks will lead them to become frustrating, and they won’t be converted to customers.

While you may be trying to accomplish a number of different goals and lead visitors to certain areas of your site, it’s important that you don’t overwhelm or confuse your visitors.

When you want to create sales, be sure that all of the elements on every single page lead your visitor toward just one CTA.

Persuasive Design

Having a persuasive design will ensure that your users come to your site or download your app because they want something or because your particular method of advertising was effective. Once you lead a potential customer to your site, you don’t want to lose them.

By having a clear strategy that involves clarity, strong use of pictures and words and a limited amount of CTAs on each page, it will help persuade a visitor to create a sale.


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