What Is Search Engine Evaluation Jobs ? My Key Points!

Search engine evaluation Jobs !

A search engine evaluator is a person who rates / evaluates web sites for google, Bing, yahoo, and other search engines to help determine if that web page is relevant to their desired search terms, and keywords. The search engines use this tactic to help insure with other algorithms that web sites are being ranked correctly.

Search engine evaluation jobs are quite lucrative, and can be a great side gig for anybody trying to work from home and make an extra buck. Based on specific search terms that are giving to you as a search engine evaluator, your job is to determine key word relevancy, with other tasks that are specific to the job opportunity, website and industry. Below I break down some cool features, in regards to who search engine evaluators are, and how they do what they do. Enjoy.

Search Evaluation Pay / Pay periods

There are multiple different companies in which pay may change depending on situation, but after some research I found that search engine elevators, get paid roughly $11.00 to $14.00 dollars per hours worked. Also these employees get paid monthly, and it is the workers sole responsible to log their own hours. These jobs are mostly contract positions, and there is no guarantee that your contract will be continued after finishing the one you are currently working on.

How to get hired

The hiring process can include long testing in regards to  knowledge of website usage, and basic computer / system components . Most companies will give you study guides, that you may reference back while you take the test.

Companies you may work for / hire you

  • Appen
  • IsoftStone
  • ZeroChaos
  • Leapforce
  • LionBridge
  • Crowed surfing opportunities

 The Pros And Cons for Search engine evaluator jobs


  • Good pay
  • Work on your time /set your own schedule
  • Work from home
  • No phone calling
  • None sales jobs


  • Keeping track of your own hours
  • Depending on preference monthly pay periods can become troubling
  • Not consistent – employment comes and goes
  • Contracts expired and there are no guarantees contracts will renew.
  • Can’t work for multipole search engine evaluator companies at the same time

I hope the above information in regards to search engine evaluation jobs, help you better understand these types of job opportunities, and open your mind up to various ways one can and may work from home.

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