What You Need to Get Better at Delivering Content

With the internet, it’s become more important than ever to become a good product messenger. Websites and platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can all be a major player in your ability to transfer your content from your computer to an audience. But what do you need to know about content creation?

Know What Your Audience Wants

For starters, it becomes incredibly difficult to know how to market your content if you don’t know what your followers want. Your account or business should focus on a specific topic. Whether it be food, politics, dancing, or books, you should learn what audience you tend to attract.

Thankfully, most platforms offer some sort of analytic system by which you can review the various videos and posts you’ve already made. According to ImproveMySearchRanking.com, in doing this, you can tell which topics and which kinds of videos people are a fan of. You won’t know what’s popular until you begin posting, but once you’ve discovered a system that works and you have a target audience, you’re set!

Create a Content Calendar

If you are wanting your account to explode in popularity, you are going to need to be consistent with your posting. This means you should create a content calendar. Brainstorm video and post ideas, and then give yourself a timeline to complete them. This incentivizes you to actually hit the deadlines and allows your viewers to have a semblance of schedule when you post.

According to Podium, the 80/20 rule says that 80 percent of your content should inform or entertain while 20 percent should promote your brand and products. It’s a great rule of thumb for those who may not know what content to post.

Develop SEO Habits

While the last two sections talked primarily about the process of making content, SEO is a little different. Search engine optimization is the key method by which you can get people to learn about your brand. Certain words are specifically low in competition but high in search results. You should sometimes use these in hashtags or online to get your company or account pushed up higher in the search engine. You can’t have successful content if people cannot find it. According to Backlinko, this is why learning SEO online is incredibly helpful. 

These pieces of advice will help you get your content out to the people who want to see it. Cater to their needs, maintain a uniform identity for your account, and get thoughtful with the keywords. You have this in the bag.

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