What You Need to Know Before Making Your E-Commerce Business Sell Internationally

One of the common situations that a growing company faces is the demands of a growing audience. This can seem on the outside like a great thing for a company, and in many cases, it is. However, often, new business owners will be blinded by this sudden success and make mistakes. A common obstacle that business owners first tend to run into is shipping. Shipping international is often very difficult, expensive, and disruptive if not conducted properly. The following list entails some of the things you must keep in mind before offering international shipping.

New Taxes and Costs

The name of the game within any business is having a positive profit margin. All things must be taken into consideration when shipping internationally, from new shipping materials to transportation. One of these should be front and center as it can seriously cut into your profit margins, and those are your taxes. According to TradeGecko, taxes include but are not limited to foreign income-tax withholding, foreign sales taxes, and/or foreign value-added taxes. Some you might be able to receive a refund from, but others might completely destroy your profit margin.

Make it Clear Where You Ship

According to Ship7, one of the most frustrating things for UK residents is ordering things from overseas, as they often have to deal with high international shipping costs, unclear shipping offers, and more. Therefore, it is incredibly important to make it extremely clear international marketplaces you can ship to and which you cannot. Often the best location of this information should be posted within every product listing on your website. Consider keeping your shipping locations close and small at first, so your company understands the amount of work needed to expand in a healthy manner.

Consider Customer Service

International customers are not different than us. Therefore, it is entirely realistic to say that you will have complaints coming into your office. However, what if you don’t speak the language, even worse, what if nobody in your company can speak the language? The best way to develop an international market is, to begin with, what you know first. This often begins with English speaking countries first; then, once you have the proper customer service resources, you can then expand into other non-English speaking countries. 

Expanding into other countries is an exciting time for any business. It doesn’t only signal growth, but a realization that your work is paying off. However, success can have its drawbacks if not approached correctly. It is highly recommended to adhere to the list above to begin formulating a proper approach to international shipping for your company.
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