Why Blogging Is Still Relevant For Marketing In 2018

As A internet marketing freelancer, I spend a lot of time on social media groups and online forums answering marketing questions and assisting people with their social media marketing and internet marketing problems. Over the last few months I have been seeing and hearing a lot of people saying that blogging is dead in 2018. This hurts me. I love blogging and writing.

Well my friends I am here to de-bunk these styles of thoughts and break down why blogging is still relevant for marketing in 2018.For starters every business needs a website / internet presence, and a blog my friend is the best way for implementing a web presence. Secondly a blog is a great way to interact with customers and give them the information they need in regards to your business faster and directly. I want to first discuss some of the main complaints I have been seeing online, and talk about the whys, who’s, & where’s.

Three Main Reasons People Say Blogging is dead in 2018

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  1. More blogs / Harder to get top search engine  rankings
  2. Video / Vlogs are the new it thing to be doing
  3. Social media is killing blogs in 2018

Now currently we are about roughly half way thru 2018, and many people are fear full of blogging and say that it is useless because blogging does not have the same results, as it did back in 07 -09. The problem I see is the fact that its easier than ever to build a website / blog and quite frankly more people are online building out blogs. Which means its even harder then ever for webmasters to rank higher in search engines  for Sorting keywords /products, and get their message across.  

Another main issue in today’s online space is the fact that video /vlogs are taking over. People want to see and hear not read. People are constantly looking for quick fixes, and the internet is streaming information faster and faster.

A third facet of why some say Blogging is dead in 2018 is social media platforms. My rebuttal to this is simple, I use social media platforms to enhance my blogs, and give readers the chance to interact with me via my blog or social media, I leverage social media profiles to enhance my content and give my readers what they want more high quality marketing content that will help them grow their business in 2018 and beyond.

So Now What? MY Top Reasons Why Blogging Matters to your marketing campaigns In 2018

  • Search engine rankings
  • Branding / business awareness
  • Building a community
  • Sharing news /updates /products fast to your community regarding your business
  • Enhancing and giving high quality content to your readers, followers

Blogging is the number one way to enhance a website, if you have a web site you need to add a blogging feature to it, believe me your customers, readers, and search engine rankings will thank you. Now  let me break down some reason why.

Search engine rankings

yes its true, there is way more competition for rankings now more than ever before. All this means is that it will take a little bit longer, and harder work to gain those rankings. A few tricks to beat out your competition is as follows.

  • submissions to the search engines ( google webmaster tools & Bing webmaster tools )
  • Creating a site map, and up dating it twice a year and re submission to the search engines
  • Pinging
  • Back links VIA social media shares & likes
  • Back linking once your site has 40 -60 relevant high-quality articles
  • Posting and submitting regularly

Keyword / Keyword Placement

 All right so the key word factor, yes keywords matter, but in today’s market we need to think broader and get creative with our key words. I like to take one main keyword and turn it to a long tail key word and place it in three different locations in your article. (tittle- first section –  middle & end)

 the next thing I do is take my 1 primary keyword term and make variations and sprinkle those key words around in the blog article. Now keep in mind tho , we are creating content for the readers not the search engines. After practice and analyzing results this will get easier and easier.

Content Is King

 a blog is the best way to get content out, and getting your brand awareness out to the masses. Its about not only creating relevant content your readers want, but creating content on consistent  basis. I like to create content about once a week. But I know other business who create content and blog posts daily. It all depends on your situation. And time management. This will get better over time.

Time / Patience

It takes roughly 3-6 months for new blogs to start ranking in the SERPs. So think long term not short term.

Connecting with your followers

a blog is a great resource for interacting with your followers. Many blogs have a comment section, it is with in the comment section that you can get feedback from your customers and adapt to changes and or challenges your followers have. It is also a great way to better assist customers with complaints, and even have your customers interacting with each other.

Social Media

I love utilizing social media to enhance my blog. I share my blog posts to my followers on social media, I create videos on you tube related to my blog post. And let me tell the viral effect for social media really helps with the search rankings of your blog.

Final thoughts For Why Blogging Is Still Relevant For Marketing In 2018

My friends, its simple focus on content and think long term. When blogging in 2018 it takes resiliency’s, and time. Our main focus with blogging should be to create content our readers want, build trust and expertise in your niche / industry, and to build a community. In my eyes blogging is not dead, it  has changed from what it used to be, to what it is today.

In the marketing landscape of 2018 people want results faster and faster, and if they don’t get results fast they give up. The trick is to think long term, 2 – 3 years out of consistent blogging and giving accurate feedback to your readers. My friends please leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts. Thanks for reading.   

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