Why Use Wealthy Affiliate As A Web Hosting Platform

OK so what’s the scoop with this whole wealthy affiliate program. Some of the most popular question I get asked are. Is wealthy affiliate a Scam? No It is not Wealthy Affiliate is a legit learning internet marketing platform, with legal, ethical, training materials, Now income and peoples experience will be different for everyone but the tools are there.  How Long Will wealthy affiliate take before I make money using the tools and techniques? Well this varies, because it depends on your skill set, and how much time you put into building your online Business. What Is In Wealthy Affiliate program? A whole bunch of great video training, marketing tools, and a excellent community of like minded internet marketers.

Now, one of the most important features for a online business, Is web hosting. You See in order to have a website up and running, you will need what is called webhosting. Web hosting allows you to upload content, engage with your readers, sell products, and create brand awareness. Now web hosting services come in all shapes and sizes, and I have built multipole websites, on different platforms, and I have to say that the Web hosting services with in wealthy affiliate is among the best, and simple to understand with almost every feature that you need in order to run your website.

My  4 Favorite webhosting services you get with Wealthy Affiliate MembershipsWealthy Affiliate Web hosting

  • High end Website Builder and management console
  • Website Integrity Updates that automatically make sure your website is function correctly
  • All my editing tools are in one easy to navigate interface location
  • The best website Hosting Technology

Why Use Wealthy Affiliate As Your Number 1 Web hosting platform

Cost efficiency – at wealthy affiliate when you sign up, part of your member ship is unlimited web hosting. The price of this web hosting is so much cheaper than other platforms, that can cost you up words of $249.00, where as in wealthy affiliate member ship costs are almost 3 times cheaper, alongside all the other great features of wealthy affiliate.

State Of The Art Changing the Industry Standards For Web Hosting Platforms 

When you become a premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate, you get great options for webhosting. Webhosting in WA is excellent because of the ease to set up your website, Security features alongside with hosting and a number of other great “ Side Features” Like automated updates and easy to follow alert system, with a simple but efficient website builder.


High Quality and top notch features

If you use Wealthy Affiliate as a webhosting platform, you have the ability to  launch free websites on demand, the ability to move previous websites from hosting to WA hosting services, and create a professional looking website with one of the best website builders you could find on line.


Other key Features for Wealthy Affiliate webhosting services

  • Highly Monetized all in one Webhosting platform
  • Free Websites on Demand ( Premium Members only)
  • Full Redundancy
  • The top notch best webhosting technology
  • Automated recover options
  • Great community and live help if you have an issue or any question ( I use the helpdesk team a lot and they are great with returning and answering my questions)
  • Connect with industry experts, and communicate with the owners of WA
  • World class training with videos and step by step tutorials.



You see using wealthy affiliate as your primary web hosting service is a must win, I am very glad I have started using wealthy affiliate as a web hosting service because I save a lot of money, and I really truly enjoy all the features that I have at my dispense. For a full review for Wealthy Affiliate follow this link – My Full Wealthy Affiliate Review


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