Why You Should Be Spending More on Mobile Marketing

Does your company have a good marketing plan? Are you seeing the success you desire? If not, you should probably consider putting more emphasis on your mobile marketing. What is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is a marketing channel that focuses on designing advertisements that connect with people that are using their phones. Here is why this area is so important to focus on.

Mobile Users Are Growing

Mobile users are a growing group.  There are over 5 billion people that use cell phones. Almost 3 billion of these people use smartphones and that number is growing every year. More than half of website visits are done on a mobile device. That means if you aren’t focusing on designing your website for mobile use, more than half of your visitors are going to have a clunky experience navigating your page. This will leave a sour taste in your consumers mouth and your chances of gaining a customer drop dramatically.

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People Shop on Their Phones

Not only are people browsing more on their phones, they are starting to shop more on their phones as well. This has come about because many major companies have put an emphasis on streamlining the purchasing process. It used to be that people would browse on their phones and wait to use a computer to buy an item. Now, with one-click purchasing, consumers have no problem using a mobile device to purchase. You need to make sure that you have a streamlined system available for mobile users. Otherwise, you could miss out on a lot of sales.

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People Spend Time on Their Phones

It’s almost scary how much time people spend on their phones. On average, we spend over 3 hours a day staring at our small screens.  That time is broken up between playing games and browsing through social media. By having a presence on social media and running ads on popular mobile games, you are going to reach a lot of people. Make sure that you tailor these ads to the type of people that are going to be seeing it. Mobile game ads are short. They can only last up to 30 seconds. Keep in mind that your ad will be interrupting game play, so you need to work against the annoyance factor. On social media, you want your ads to mimic the form of a normal post.

Tapping into the power of mobile marketing could really boost the power of your business. You will reach far more people and be able to build a better online reputation. Just make sure that you are prepared to deal with the influx of business that you are going to experience.

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