Will Twitter Boost To 280 Character Posting Length

Twitter, one of the first social media Platforms On the scene might possibly move to a longer character posting length, with moving currently from 140 charactersWill Twitter Boost To 280 Character Posting Length to 280. This will almost double the length and extend the content on the tweeter postings. Currently twitter is just in the testing /Beta point and Twitter has not announced officially that they are moving to the 280-character posting length.

Instead twitter is using a Open ended testing before they officially decide to move forward. Twitter has not yet committed to this change, and if this change was to come official it will mark the biggest change in twitter-sphere history. You see twitters main feature and what makes twitter, twitter is the 140-character limit.

Twitter announced that do to some research results that showed many users are frustrated with the current character length in the English language, Twitters Product manager Aliza Rosen with senior software engineer Lkuhiro Lhara decided to take a chance and try out changing the length of character postings. the theory behind this is the fact that when people are forced to put their thoughts in a 140 characters, they post less, and to be honest with you that is the reason I focus more on Facebook marketing then I do for twitter.

The original thought process behind the 140-character limit was to engage users for spontaneous postings that resembled text messaging, and getting thoughts out quickly VIA their phones. To extend twitter posts, users tried looking for loop-holes such as posting photos / screenshots in the twitter post, or posting multipole times in a row which was known as a “TweetStorm”. Most people don’t want limits they just want to post and get their thoughts out.

How Can Internet marketers and E-commerce managers benefit from 280 character limit with in Twitter

  • More words = More brand awareness
  • No Need for forcing words, and not being able to get your message across
  • Opportunity to build more relationships with potential customers
  • Free Marketing
  • Connect with other business owners and potential customers
  • Keep customers informed and updated.
  • Great platform for communication / customer support
  • Building a community of people who love your products and services


As said earlier, the Boost To 280 Character Posting Length with-in twitter is not official, but if this limit does increase I know that I will be interested in marketing on twitter again, and start building more relationships with people. Thanks for reading leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts on the subject off –  Will Twitter Boost To 280 Character Posting Length.

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2 responses to “Will Twitter Boost To 280 Character Posting Length”

  1. Ed, Thanks for your feed back firstly. I am not sure on the possibility  of this happening because of  the 140 character limit is the main staple feature of twitter. twitter is currently testing this on a few users as part of a beta testing program and after the results of that, then twitter will ether roll this feature out or not. I am currently following site like techcrunch.com and twitter news in google updates to follow this process. thanks for your feed back. 

  2. Hi Shane,
    Great news about Twitter going to 280 character posts, if it comes about.
    The 140 character limit is the main reason I don’t use Twitter that much. Google+ and Facebook are my social media platforms, especially for eCommerce advertising.
    How likely is this to happen? How can we as users influence the decision?
    Thanks for the article.

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